Apple Makes Another Move to Avoid iPhone Sales Ban in China


The Cupertino-based technology giant has made changes in iPhone iOS, exclusive for iPhone devices sold in China


Apple has released a small update for iPhone iOS this week.  Webportal MacRumors claims that these changes may be the brand’s move to avoid ban on sales of iPhone devices in China. The Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China had ordered ban on sales of iPhone models ranging from iPhone 6S to iPhone X in the country.

The ban was a part of the lawsuit filed by Qualcomm against Apple in the country. The lawsuit against Apple was filed in late 2017 by Qualcomm.

It is to be noted here that China along with Hong Kong and Taiwan are the biggest markets for Apple in the world. The trio had accounted for about one-fifth of Apple’s total $265.6 billion sales during the last fiscal year.

Changes in iPhone iOS

MacRumors reported, “In China, as planned, iOS 12.1.2 also implements minor changes to address two Qualcomm patents that led to a Chinese court issuing a preliminary injunction on the iPhone 6s through iPhone X last week, according to Apple’s release notes in Chinese. These changes were not mentioned in any other countries.”

The latest update in Apple iOS, exclusive to China models, is apparently done to avoid an app management patent filed by Qualcomm.

We had earlier reported about Apple’s appeal against the Chinese court ruling. It had reportedly accused Qualcomm of playing dirty tricks, including asserting a patent that had already been invalidated by international courts and other patents that it had never before used.

In a statement, it had said that Qualcomm’s effort to ban the iPhones was another desperate move by a company whose illegal practices were under investigation by regulators around the world.

A lawsuit against the manufacturer has also been filed in the United States, its home country. Two plaintiffs, who filed the lawsuit, said that Apple was falsely marketing its latest iPhone lineup.