LG Expands Display ‘Signage’, Terms it Ideal for Promotional Purposes


The LG Landmark Signage, as claimed by the company, can be leveraged by brands to reach their consumers for promotional purposes

LG Electronics India has introduced another display signage for marketing and advertising purposes. The Landmark Signage, as per LG is made using 63 custom-made curved OLED panels. This is the second landmark signage executed by LG in India; 1st one was installed in Ambience mall Gurgaon.

The appliances and consumer electronics brand is claiming it to be a product ideal for retailers and brands to carry out promotions for different products, such as advertising high-end products.

Mr. Kim Ki Wan, Managing Director, LG Electronics India, said, “We are extremely overwhelmed to announce the launch of Landmark Signage which is custom made with flexible 63 curved LG OLED panels. LG OLED Panels offer a lot of design flexibility and can therefore be customized into different shapes and sizes.”

LG OLED signage technology 

The technology used in the LG OLED Signage as per the company delivers an unmatched viewing experience to the users by presenting life-like picture quality with perfect blacks, infinite contrast and an enhanced range of color reproduction. The Commercial OLED Signage comes with faster response time which provides clear images without image blurring.

Kim Ki Wan continued, “We are confident that this innovative display technology using flexible 63 curved LG OLED panels put together, will be a magnificent viewing experience for consumers. With this step, we have opened a plethora of marketing possibilities using LG’s display technology. We would further like to create zones where consumer can experience OLED capabilities. Landmark signage sets a new benchmark in the industry. LG remains more committed than ever to improving consumers’ quality of life by pushing the boundaries of innovation with optimized solutions.”

The 55EF5C is an open-frame curved Signage Model which can be used in a variety of sizes and shapes in many different spaces due to its extendable nature and curved format. Also, by adding impact to the space, it will become a perfect Landmark. The OLED panels have organic, self-lighting pixels and hence are ultra-thin, lightweight and have a very wide viewing angle.

Along with presenting 4K content, the Signage can be used for creating Augmented Reality experiences. The LG OLED signage provides flexibility in design and therefore can be customized into different shapes and sizes.

Installed at Ambience Mall

The Landmark Signage has been installed at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj Delhi. The norms of conventional design and aesthetics have been challenged and stepped-up to create a display technology never seen before. The mammoth Landmark Signage weighs 4.8 ton and has been suspended by punching 6 rigging points into the huge pillars of the Ambience Mall building structure.

This unconventional display content technology has opened new doors for the industry as well as for marketers. The LG Landmark Signage is a unique form of display technology, can be leveraged by brands to reach their consumers like never-before.