Onida Aims to Gain Momentum in Revenues With New AC Launches


The company has announced two new ACs for India. Onida claims that these ACs have been developed to address the increasing demand of voice-controlled consumer electronics in the country

Today, Onida has announced the launch of Onyx and Genio smart air conditioner (AC) series in India. Onida claims that it was able to achieve 100 per cent growth in the AC segment during the last quarter in the country.

Onida’s official statement read, “In the last quarter, Onida achieved phenomenal growth of 100 per cent, pumped up by its success and the forecast demand of voice-driven smart technology in ACs in Indian market, the brand has launched these two new models.”

G. Sundar, CEO, MIRC Electronics (Onida) said, “We are very delighted to launch voice integrated smart air conditioners. Onida had phenomenal growth in air conditioners business during the last quarter and we are looking forward to a favourable season during the current year as well. This new range of products would definitely open up opportunities for us to expand the market and also gain momentum in our revenues under this segment.”

Onida Onyx and Genio AC Features

These ACs are powered by smart voice-integrated AI technology, inverter features and powerful cooling. Onida said that these ACs will cater to the needs of all segments in the country.

Onida’s statement read, “These new air conditioners have ethereal texture and stylish finish and boast of market leading innovations such as 4D cooling, 100 per cent copper condenser, blue fin powerful coating, eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant gas, and smart digital displays. These ACs are designed keeping in mind the mandatory norms meeting the latest ISEER ratings.”

Onyx Smart is a voice-integrated smart AC, which is powered by Alexa, driven by Onida’s ViOT (Voice IOT) technology. Genio, however, is powered by Internet of Things (IoT).

Onida has also introduced multiplier cooling inverter technology. The company claims that its inverter ACs deliver 120 per cent magnified cooling in just 30 seconds.

Two variants of Onyx Smart series include – Inverter 5 Star and 3 Star in 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton categories, and they come at a price range from Rs 44,990 to 63,990. Two variants of Genio in both 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton are 3-star ACs and come at price range of Rs 46,990 to 55,990. Onida is offering five years’ comprehensive warranty on both indoor and outdoor units, including coverage on PCB.