Sharp Introduces A New AIoT-Enabled Air Purifier In India


Sharp Business Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation Japan, announced the launch of FX-J80 air purifier – a new advanced AIoT air purifier equipped with Sharps revolutionary Plasmacluster technology that removes dust, airborne mold, microbes, and viruses to provide a natural and fresh air inside homes.

It is a true heavyweight performer with a coverage spread of 680 sqft – making it an appropriate choice for various homes and commercial shops.

Speaking on the launch, Shinji Minatogawa, Sharp Business Systems (India) Private Limited, said, “FX-J80 provides you with the most natural, clean, and fresh air to keep your home a comfortable and safe place to breathe for you and your family. Besides, Sharp FX-J80 will also impress you with its advanced AIoT features, superior build quality, premium electrical safety, and super high airflow with low noise”

Sharp FX- J80 comes with three-step filtration involving high-performance HEPA filters that can trap 99.97% of microscopic particles (as small as 0.3 microns) in the air and effectively remove the common household odors. FX- J80 also offers advanced features, including home fit, a unique visualization of air quality inside the room to add to the convenience.

The FX-J80 air purifier can be monitored and controlled with the “SHARP AIR APP” available on Apple Store and Play store, providing additional convenience of controlling the Air Purifier via smartphone, anywhere and anytime. In addition to the regular functions, it can also help monitor electricity consumption, room conditions, appliances operation, and notifications if the appliances encounter errors. In addition, it also offers a touch panel, auto on/off timers, and child lock for ease of operations.

With inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity features, FX-J80 considers outdoor conditions to determine optimal operation mode, predict the useful life span of the filter, and recommend timely cleaning or replacement of the filter to maintain the best result. The user can choose between 2 modes. i.e., Haze mode and Plasmacluster Ion Spot Mode

The FX-J80 air purifier is priced at INR 38,000 and will be available on Amazon.