Iball Launches Five New Products in India

  • The company said that the products have been launched keeping Amazon Prime sales in consideration
  • Four of these products are in the audio consumer electronics category

Iball has launched five new products for Amazon India’s Prime Day sale. The new products namely, Decibel Black Edition, Musi Play A1, Musi Boom, 2.1 Tarang Classic, Freego G100 were released in July and were available for the Prime Day sale on 15th-16th July. Iball said that it is continuing to retail the products for Amazon Prime members.

Iftekhar Ahmed, VP, Marketing, iBall, said, “We are very excited to launch our generation ‘i’ products during Amazon Prime Day sale. Our new range of products are very well researched, beautifully designed and have super quality built for value product demanding consumers. 2 days of the prime days were amazing, received overwhelming product acceptance and feedback from consumers which is great for the brand confidence. Our intention ahead also will be to provide wide range and options to consumers to choose from across and within product categories.”

Iball Decibel wireless BT 5.0 headset

The iBall Decibel Black Edition is a wireless BT 5.0 headset with mic and features such as built-in Alexa assistant. It offers multiple playback options such as FM, MicroSD, and AUX.

The Decibel Black Edition has a frequency range of 2.402 GHz ~ 2.480 GHz, sensitivity of 100 dB, distortion of 0.014 per cent, Bluetooth range of up to 10m, working time of up to six hours, standby time of up to 30 hours and battery charging time of about 2-3 hours. It also has controls such as Volume Up / Next Track, Volume Down / Previous Track, Power On / Power Off / Play / Pause and Mode.

Iball Musi Play A1 portable BT speaker

The iBall Musi Play A1 is a portable BT speaker with a built-in mic. The company is retailing it in six color options and has multiple playback options such as BT, MicroSD and FM with a built-in rechargeable battery. The Musi Play A1 has Output Power of 3 W RMS, Audio Frequency Response of 100 Hz ~ 20 KHz, working time of up to six hours, charging time of about 1.5 Hrs.

The size dimensions are 6 cm (H) x 6.2 cm (W) x 6.2 cm (D). It’s a small size speaker that comes with big sound. It also has control options such as Power On/Off/Mode | Play/Pause | Volume Down / Previous Track | Volume Up / Next Track.

iBall Musi Boom portable BT

iBall Musi Boom is a portable BT and IPX7 waterproof speaker. It supports multiple playback options such as BT and AUX. Iball’s official statement read, “It acts as a power bank, so one can charge their devices using 5V / 1 Amp USB charge out port. It comes with the extraordinary TWS Technology wherein 2 Iball Musi Boom speakers can be connected and played as wireless 2.0 speaker.”

It continued, “It comes with a belt for easy carry and is available in 3 dynamic colours Black, Blue & Green. It has a total output of 30 W RMS (15 W x 2), Charging Time of 4 hours (5V 2Amp), Working Time of 24 hours, its dimensions are 11.5 cm (H) x 27 cm (W) x 11 cm (D) and weighs 1.55 Kg.”

iBall 2.1 Tarang Classic sub-woofer system

The iBall 2.1 Tarang Classic is a sub-woofer system. It comes equipped with multiple input options such as BT, USB, SD, AUX and FM with remote control for user convenience. It also has Bass and Treble control to enhance the experience while watching movies, listening to music, parties and much more.

The 2.1 Tarang Classic has a Total Output of 40 W RMS (sub-woofer-20W + Satellite-10Wx2), Woofer Driver of 10.16 cm (4) 4Ohm, Satellite Driver of 7.62 cm (3) 4Ohm, Frequency Response of 55 Hz ~ 20 kHz, S/N Ratio of >= 70 dB, Separation of >= 50 dB (1 kHz), Distortion of ≤ 1% (1 W, 1 kHz). Its sub-woofer dimensions are 25.5 cm (H) x 15.4 cm (W) x 25 cm (D) and Satellites dimensions are 16 cm (H) x 9.6 cm (W) x 10.2 cm (D). It also has Power / Mode | Input | Play/Pause | Previous/Vol- | Next/Vol+ controls.

Wireless optical mouse

Iball Freego G100 is a 2.4GHz wireless optical mouse that features a smart link auto-connect, auto power-saving along with high quality (Energizer) alkaline battery. The ergonomic design makes for comfortable free movement and is created to be wrist and arm friendly with dimensions of 3.7(H) x 6.3 (W) x 10.1 (L) cm.

Iball’s official statement read, “It works best for long-duration performance and has long-range with up to 10 meters. It has unique features such as power-saving mode when idle and connectivity with a nano USB receiver. It also has a switch life of 5 Million life cycles, needs 1 AA-size alkaline battery and weighs 57 grams.”