Havells Introduces Smart Fans to Increase Market Value


Havells India has combined technology and fans to offer comfort and convenience to its customers and to raise its current 17 per cent market share

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India’s electrical goods company, Havells has planned to add a new range of smart fans to its portfolio that is slated to debut in 2019. This new range includes around eight new intelligent fans with one facilitating the retrofit option which enables conversion of the existing fans into an Internet of things (IoT) device.

Havells market

Havells has been able to mark its position in the fan segment with about 17 per cent market share. With the new IoT-based range, the company aims to add customers who look up to add convenience to their lifestyles. Saurabh Goel, President, Havells India, said that the connected fans would be introduced in Summer 2019 to provide a great level of comfort. The goal is to introduce technology in the fan industry, thereby revolutionizing it with the all-new features.

Product features

The smart fans can be controlled by a remote, mobile application and Wi-fi. The speed can also be adjusted based on the temperature in the room. Auto function modes like sleep and breeze are also enabled in the smart fans. The retrofit module is called the Enticer smart fan. All these fans will be completely compatible with Alexa and Google Home applications. Havells has designed these in various styles and combinations. The fans are claimed to be energy efficient with 40 and 26 watts of power consumption, lower than the previous 80 watts.

Havells India has been growing over the years and it plans to increase its manufacturing capacity and expand its business in the future.