Huawei Sets Sights on High-End Electronics Market, Plans to Launch World’s First 5G TV This Year


Also, Huawei is aiming to become a top five PC maker by 2021 and target to triple shipments in that segment for 2019, according to a report.

Huawei Technologies is reportedly prepping to take on Samsung Electronics and Apple in the high-end consumer electronics market.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, the Chinese tech giant is planning to introduce the world’s first 5G television as early as this year and aims to be a top five PC maker in three years.

Sources told the publication that the new TV will come equipped with a 5G module and a high-end 8K resolution display. Using the new generation network, the TV would be able to download data-heavy content such as 360-degree videos.

The report also highlighted some of the potential benefits of a 5G TV which include –

  • It would not require the fiber optics or cable boxes
  • It could act as a router hub for all other electronic devices at home
  • It would deliver ultrahigh-definition 8K resolution, that means 16 times more pixels than the standard 1080 pixel high-definition

Major TV manufacturers betting on 8K TVs

Huawei entry into the TV market might hit Samsung hard. The South Korean company, which is currently considered as the world’s biggest TV maker, started shipping its own 8K TV without 5G capability starting at $4,999 this spring.

Apart from Samsung, many leading TV and camera makers are also planning to roll out 8K products by 2020. LG Electronics, Sharp, China’s TCL and Hisense had showcased 8K TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

According to research company IHS Markit, shipments of 8K TVs are estimated to increase from less than 20,000 sets last year to 430,000 this year and to two million next year.

Huawei wants to dominate the 5G revolution

Huawei is gradually shifting its focus on high-end consumer electronics and wants to stay ahead in the 5G era.

The company has already unveiled 5G base stations and a 5G foldable smartphone. It also plans to introduce several home-use 5G routers later this year.

In addition to launching 8K TVs, Huawei is aiming to become a top five PC maker by 2021 and target to triple shipments in that segment for 2019, a source told Nikkei.