Jaipur is a Very Important Market For us: Mobiistar Co-Founder


The Vietnam based smartphone company plans to operate a sales network of 500 retailers in the Pink City

pic credits – Mobiistar India

Mobiistar has announced the addition of 150 new retailers in its smartphone sales network in Jaipur. The company is now present at more than 250 retail stores in the city.

Carl Ngo, CEO and co-founder, Mobiistar said, “Jaipur is a very important market for us and our partners work tirelessly to take our brand name to greater heights for which we would like to showcase our commitment towards them by organising such meets regularly.”

It is to be noted here that the company had appointed Ajitabh Jerath as vice president for sales and operations in July 2018. Ngo, regarding the appointment of Jerath had said, “Ajitabh always attempts to implement interesting methods and strategies to maintain retail visibility and we have full faith that our southern and western market will deeply benefit from his insights.”

It is to be noted here that Jaipur, Rajasthan is counted in the North Western India. However, it is not sure whether Jerath takes care of the state for Mobiistar or not.

37,000+ retailers on board

The company, in its official statement said that it already has 37,000+ retailers in its sales channel and is planning to increase that number by 50,000. Mobiistar said that it felicitated 8000 retailers across the country last month.

Ngo said, “Mobiistar has been in India for almost a year now and we credit the goodwill we have received to our retailers. They have successfully managed to create a preference for the brand and it is heartening to see our consumers enjoying our products.”

He added, “Retailers are the arms and legs of a brand on ground and we are thankful to them for their hard work.”

Mobiistar had entered India in May 2018 and has launched nine smartphones in the market since then. It has a manufacturing facility located in Bawal, Haryana.