We are Working on Slashing Power Consumption by ACs, by 80 Per cent: Godrej Appliances

  • Godrej’s latest technology features a vapor compression system combined with evaporative cooling
  • It enables intelligent integration through smart control systems
  • AC (air-conditioners) penetration in India is below six per cent

Godrej Appliances is working on a technology that has the potential to not only change the way air-conditioners consume electricity but also make the company one of biggest AC brands in the world. It is to be noted here that by 2027, India’s cooling energy demand, is expected to increase by 2.2x (Indo – German Energy Forum 2018 report).

“With our latest design concept – an innovative evaporative cooling based, energy-efficient and sustainable technology employing low GWP refrigerant, we will be able to reduce energy consumption by 80 per cent for air conditioners. This is a revolutionary technology which will go a long way in solving the global warming crisis,” noted Burzin Wadia, executive vice president & head, Engineering and Technology, Godrej Appliances.

Center – Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP, Godrej Appliances

Vapor compression cooling integrated with evaporative cooling

This design by Godrej Appliances employs an optimised vapor compression cooling system integrated with an advanced evaporative cooling technology. The combination, as per Godrej Appliances, reduces energy consumption.

“While small solar PV incorporated in the design will be instrumental in reducing power consumption from the grid, intelligent integration is accomplished through smart control systems. Furthermore, such a solution would be able to provide affordable access to cooling, which has become a critical necessity in many hot climates around the world,” read Godrej’s official statement.

A recent emission report by UNEP confirms that global GHG emission for the year 2018 stood at 55.3 giga-tonnes of CO2 equivalent emission. If the emissions continue at this rate, the average temperature in India will shoot up from about 24°C to about 28°C by 2100, as said in a research by the Climate Impact Lab.

AC penetration in India

Interestingly, AC penetration is India is below six per cent at the moment. This simply means that the AC wave has still not hit the country. As a matter of fact, affordability, in terms of initial investment and power consumption bills, are seen as major obstacles not letting this consumer electronics category penetrate further.

However, if Godrej Appliances is able to make ACs consume 80 per cent less power, the company might be able to take care of the power consumption bills aspect. Moreover, it would also be able to address the global warming issue in a manner.

“Environment friendliness for us, is a value that has been ingrained in our corporate DNA since our inception. Continuous innovation on the Green Technology front therefore, has been a business imperative for us. It is important to note that Godrej Appliances are not the greenest only in terms of usage of environment-friendly refrigerant, but also because of high levels of energy efficiency in our products,” noted Kamal Nandi, business head and executive vice president, Godrej Appliances.