Syska Partners with Tuya technologies to Launch Smart Home Products in India


The partnership will require Tuya Smart to use its IoT platform to enable Syska’s range of smart home products

Syska group, a popular FMEG brand has announced partnership with Tuya Smart, a globally known AI IoT platform. The partnership will require Tuya Smart to use its IoT platform to enable Syska’s range of smart home products. Syska also announced that users will be able to voice-control all its smart home products with Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, Syska Group on Syska’s partnership with Tuya Smart said, “Upgrading of wireless Internet, emergence of cloud-based services and convergence-based technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), has brought about a new era in smart home automation. As the demand for smart home automation is increasing, we believe that this is the right time for Syska to introduce innovative smart home solutions for its Indian consumers. Through this partnership with Tuya who is a leading global IoT player, Syska aims to be the leader in developing next-generation smart home products backed by superior technology and at competitive pricing.”

This is the first time that Syska has partnered with a global IoT company to bring smart home products in the Indian market. The partnership also marks the entry of Tuya Smart in India.

Mr. Mengda Zhao, chief strategic investment officer of Tuya Smart said “It’s a stride forward for both Tuya and Syska by partnering with each other in IoT, and it’s a big moment for us to seize the booming trend of IoT development. To have everything connected and intelligent inside is the future, and Tuya is very delighted to witness this with our partner Syska, who is one of the leading and reputable players in India markets. By leveraging the strengths from each party, we are excited to announce our partnership with Syska.”

Tuya Smart presently has its offices in America and China.

Perfect timing

The announcement of the partnership between Syska and Tuya Smart comes at a time when the market of smart home products is on a boom in India. Statista report has already predicted the Indian smart home products market to hit 7.2 per cent by 2022.

Syska group has already announced a wide range of smart home products in India. The list includes smart door bells, smart switches, smart IR, smart down light/ ceiling light, smart IP camera, smart wall-light, smart door sensors, smart plug, smart spike buster, smart weighing scale and Bluetooth bulb array. All these smart home products are slated to be launched in December 2018.

Aiming to enter two million homes with its range of smart products, Syska Group has also introduced voice-based Wi-Fi enabled home appliances in the country. Targeting a revenue of 200 crores in next financial year, Syska Group has announced that it will be investing 25 crores in marketing, research and development in the upcoming year to build the smart home category in India.

Mr. Dilip R.S., country manager for Alexa Skills, Amazon India, added “Voice-first experiences are driving growth in the smart home category in India. With the option of hands-free voice-control of Syska and Tuya’s smart home devices with Amazon Echo and Alexa, customers can now experience that setting up a smart home isn’t as complicated as many people once thought.”

Strategic partnerships

Syska had also announced its partnership with Suyin Optronics and Biometronics last month. The company had said that the partnership is aimed towards its goal of setting up a first of its kind camera modules factory in India.

Mr. Pankaj Mohindroo, chairman, India Cellular and Electronics Association, said,“India’s deep desire to establish a global and robust electronics industry will necessarily stand on building strong champion companies from India. Syska is emerging as one of the potential champion companies. The expansion into these important smart home products vertical is timely. With Syska’s stellar record of excellent trade and consumer relationship we are confident that this will emerge as a very strong vertical for Syska and will deliver great customer satisfaction.”

Syska has already made an investment of over Rs 350 crores to set up manufacturing units in different parts of the country.