Burly Forays Into Washing Machines Market in India


Burly had started its India operation with launch of air coolers in the country. The brand also has plans to launch geysers in the upcoming winter season

Burly, brainchild of consumer electronics’ industry veteran Chandra Prakash Shrivastav, has forayed into the washing machines segment in India. The company has announced the launch of green wash technology based washing machines in the country. Burly is retailing its washing machine range starting at prices of Rs 8,000.

Mr Shrivastav, director and CEO of Burly Home Appliances said, “Traditional washing machines require large amounts of water and electricity to clean clothes. They require similar amount of water, detergent and electricity to clean even smaller volume of clothes. Burly washing machines can clean even small quantity of clothes consuming lesser water, detergent and electricity. The washing machines also have a mini pulsator besides the regular one which creates a fountain of water to deeply clean the strong stains and dirt. This also helps in eliminating germs and also prevent mould building.”

The company in an recent conversation with Electronics For You had shared that it is looking to foray into the geysers, mineral water dispensers, air conditioners and refrigerators verticals as well. Mr Shrivastav had told EFY, “Burly is not aiming at numbers at this moment. Instead, we want to focus on brand building for Burly in 2019. But yes, we also aim to sell at least 75,000 coolers in India in 2019.”

Campaign around elections result

The brand has also launched a marketing campaign based on election results in India. As per the campaign, Burly will be giving away a free washing machine to one winner. Users are required to send their guesses on who will win the election.

Mr Shrivastav had earlier told Electronics For You,”We have allocated an amount of Rs 2 crore that it will be spending on marketing and advertisement in India in 2019. However, instead of going with big advertising agencies and print ads, Burly’s focus will be around local marketing and advertising.”

Burly washing machine features

Burly’s range of washing machines feature brush scrubber, tub scrubber, collar and cuff Scrubber, quick air drier, magic filter and rat prevention specifications.
Mr Shrivastav emphasised on Burly’s platform of Green Concept.

Burly Coolers are based in quality air, mosquito resistant, and nature-ly fresh and cool. The Burly washing machine focuses on the conservation of water, detergent and electricity, targeting traditional housewives.  Burly washing machine is available in 6.5 Kg, 7 Kg, 7.5 Kg, 8 Kg ,8.5 Kg and 9 Kg in the semi-Automatic category.