India’s Personal Care Appliances Market to be Worth $ 2400 Million: Report

  • This report by GMI said that the global personal care appliances market will grow at six per cent CAGR till 2025
  • The global industry shipments are expected to reach 200 million units by 2025
Source – Global Market Insights

The rapidly changing consumer lifestyle, high focus on fulfilling personal needs, and the increasing spending capacity on luxury products are driving the personal care appliances market growth globally. A recent report by Global Market Insights (GMI) said that increased consumer awareness on the benefits of an electrical appliance such as fast speed, efficiency, and convenience over conventional and manual methods are compelling them to purchase various small electric products.

The report read, “The industry offers a variety of products for different personal & professional needs including hair, face, and oral care in all price ranges leading to a high demand in the industry. Additionally, the increasing influence of the beauty industry on the youth population to maintain the overall appearance and personal health is adding up to the product demand across the globe.”

Male and female trimmers and shavers gaining high popularity

The hair removal products, as per the report, including male and female trimmers and shavers, are gaining high popularity due to long-term and efficient hair elimination benefits. These trimming and shaving appliances in the industry are increasingly used by male consumers to maintain the beard & hairstyles on a regular basis.

Increasing focus on maintaining beard levels and facial hair influenced by celebrities and styling agents is driving the product demand. Grooming products are gaining demand among all aged male categories owing to the trends toward convenient, fast, and clean facial hair removal. Usage of these electronic products saves extra time spent in the salons and will also allow consumers to carry them anywhere due to their portability, small size, and travel-friendly advantages.

Additionally, the availability of a variety of product variations in the retail & online stores depending on the consumer needs is driving the personal care appliances market share.

Hairdryers and stylers witnessing high demand

Electric products such as hairdryers, stylers, etc., have witnessed a high demand owing to their utilization in personal and professional applications, thus developing the personal care appliances market demand. The electric power supply segment is witnessing the introduction of energy-efficient and low power consuming products to limit the electricity costs.

Several governments and energy associations are promoting the usage of low power consuming appliances to save electricity. For instance, under the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive, the use of high energy hair cutting, drying, shaving, and massaging products has been banned. Such government initiatives on energy conservation are compelling manufacturers to develop low electricity consuming products, adding up to the industry development.

Factors hindering the growth of personal care electrical appliances

A major factor hindering the personal care electrical appliances market is the presence of low-cost and non-electric competitive products used for similar purposes. The non-electric products are available at a comparatively lower cost for hair care and hair removal purposes, attracting the consumers with low purchasing capacities thus restricting them to purchase the electronic options. However, high-efficiency, better performance, and results of electronic products will overcome the competitive threats.

The introduction of varied offerings with different price range and features catering to different consumer categories will aid in overcoming the prices issues.