Particular Brand Willing to Pay Lakhs to Attack Mi K20: Anuj Sharma

  • Mi’s head of marketing through this personal Twitter handle made this statement
  • Xiaomi is launching its K20 smartphone series on 17 July 2019

Xiaomi’s head of marketing Anuj Sharma, on his personal social media handle (Twitter) posted that he has overheard about a particular brand willing to pay tens of lakhs to influencers for attacking K20. Anuj, however, did not reveal the name of this brand.

His tweet read, “Overheard that a particular brand is willing to pay 10s of lakhs to influencers to attack K20. John Wick excommunicado feeling.”

A Twitter user who uses @DharminGhatlia Twitter handle posted, “Bro i just wanna know one thing that the screen touch issue of Redmi K20 pro will be fixed when it comes to india? Or it’s a hardware issue so it cannot be fixed? Bcoz there are some reviewers that are saying that screen multitouch issue can’t be fixed via software updates.”

Xiaomi vs Samsung Vs BBK

China-based Xiaomi, that originally started as a online heavy brand in India, has now started to focus on the offline channel as well. It is a direct competitor to some of Samsung’s smartphone series and Realme smartphones in India. Manu Kumar Jain, Global VP, Xiaomi, has been promoting the upcoming K20 smartphone as a flaghsip killer device in the country.

The company had placed several billboard advertisements promoting the upcoming K20 smartphone right next to billboard advertisements of Oneplus 7 smartphones. One of Jain’s recent tweets read, “Mi fans, it’s time for the knockout punch! Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro are unleashing on 1+7 = 17th July 2019! Time for Flagship Killer 2.0.”

Interestingly while one plus seven leads to eight, for Xiaomi, it leads to 17! Till Anuj Sharma reveals the name of the company that is ready to pay tens of lakhs for attacking K20, it would remain a mystery.

Note – Tweets made by Anuj Sharma were from his personal Twitter handle and may or may not reflect Xiaomi’s stand on the issue.

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