Apple’s First 5G iPhone May Come as Late as 2020


The Cupertino-based tech giant had launched the first 4G iPhone only after the technology had matured. The delay this time may help its rivals establish a substantial 5G consumer base

Apple, famous for iPhone models all over the world may not be launching 5G iPhone variants till 2020, a report published by Bloomberg has claimed. If the report turns out to be true then the delay may benefit its rival smartphone makers, including Samsung and Huawei, in establishing a lead in the market of 5G consumer devices, especially smartphones.

The brand has a history of waiting before launching smartphones based on new technologies, especially when it comes to network upgrades. Apple had also waited for the 4G technology market to mature before launching the first 4G compatible iPhone model.

Apple’s apt calculations

Apple’s calculations to launch devices compatible with new networks have proved to be correct in the past. The company, in the past, had held back from launching new network compatible devices a bunch of times. It is believed that devices based on new networks would offer ‘not up to the mark coverage’, hence, making it less compelling for consumers to make the jump.

However, as the 5G switch is bigger, the brand may want to re-calculate its strategy of waiting before launching 5G compatible iPhone models.

Apple’s terms with Qualcomm and Intel

Apple’s terms with Qualcomm and Intel may also play a major role in finalising how soon can the brand come up with 5G compatible devices.

Apple has sued Qualcomm for a hefty $1 billion in the US and has filed a lawsuit in China against the company for $145 million. Apple also has a suit pending against Qualcomm in the United Kingdom.

Hitting back, Qualcomm has filed a countersuit against Apple. It has accused Apple of giving chip secrets to Intel.

So, it is highly unlikely that Qualcomm will be providing 5G compatible chips to Apple anytime soon. Intel also may not have chips available to support 5G phones by 2019.