Apple’s VP Heading Siri Development Steps Down From Post: Report


OnePlus recently took a shot at Siri asking which is India’s number one smartphone. Siri was first announced as an Apple AI assistant in 2011 with iPhone 4

Pic credits – Twitter

Bill Stasior, Apple’s VP for Siri, has reportedly stepped down from his position. A report published by The Information claims that Stasior will remain connected to Apple but he might look after other projects. Bill was working with Amazon before joining Apple in October 2012.

The Information’s report read, “Though Stasior remains in the company, he is no longer heading the voice assistant group, said five people with knowledge of the change.”

OnePlus had made fun of Siri recently

OnePlus, famous for its premium smartphones below Rs 45,000 in India, had recently made fun of Siri by posting a tweet which read, “Hey Siri, which is the number one premium smartphone in India.”

The tweet was possibly referring to a research published by Counterpoint which had termed OnePlus as one of the best-selling premium smartphone brands in the country. The Counterpoint report read, “Apple’s premium segment shipments declined 25 per cent YoY in Q4 2018 mainly due to extreme high-premium-commanding pricing for iPhones as Apple continues to choose to pay 20 per cent import duty on new imported iPhones instead of manufacturing in India.”

It had also mentioned that Apple, OnePlus and Samsung had together captured 92 percent market share of the Indian smartphone market. Referring to OnePlus it read, “OnePlus recorded its highest ever shipments in a single quarter (Q4 2018) to lead premium smartphone segment for three successive quarters capturing 36 per cent market share.”

However, it is worth mentioning here that Apple’s current line-up of iPhone models costs more than twice of the retailing price of OnePlus smartphones. Apple’s current iPhone models start from a retailing price of Rs 81,000 and above, whereas OnePlus 6 and 6t are available in the price range of Rs 37,000 to Rs 50,000.