CP Plus Follows Separate Channel Approaches For B2B and B2C Business: Yogesh Dutta

  • Yogesh Dutta, Chief Operating Officer, CP Plus feels that sales channels are of utmost importance for a brand’s success
  • He shared that a single channel strategy for a CCTV company will result in ‘instant death’

“The beauty of being in the CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television) and security cameras business is the fact that Diwali or no Diwali, festive seasons do not make a difference to us. We, or our sales channel do not have to depend upon festivities for business. Ask any Indian and the answer towards picking up a CCTV brand would always be minus a China-based one. I do not encourage the use of security cameras retailed by a China-based firm,” shared Yogesh Dutta (YD), chief operating officer, CP Plus.

He added, “For a brand that deals in security solutions and CCTVs, a single channel strategy can never work out. We cater to B2B, B2C, government bodies and even international clients. Now, focusing on one channel would be instant death. So instead we keep our focus on the omnichannel strategy.”

Yogesh Dutta, Chief Operating Officer, CP Plus

Here are some more interesting excerpts from this conversation around CCTVs business in India

ACE – How are CP Plus security products different from those offered by other brands?

YD – Home, as well as office security, has become utmost important now. The importance of this consumer electronics’ vertical can be ascertained from the fact that even China-based players have started jumping into this arena. Our products are different and possibly the best because we do not just follow Indian standards for our products but instead we follow the global ones.

Be it environment, energy consumption or quality, CP Plus products match global standards. Additionally the category that we operate in is not based on the sale and forget model. Instead, the most important part of our growth lies in the kind of service we provide.

We have more than 92 service and approach centers in India at the moment. Professionals working at these centers are not only on their toes to help end consumers but also our sales channels. CP Plus tries to solve a problem keeping four to six hours turn around time (TAT) in mind.

ACE – How important do you think are sales channels for consumer electronic brands?

YD – Sales channels are as important to us as it is to any other brand. In simpler words, sales channels make the spine of any business. This fact is further fortified when you are in the sector that we in at the moment.

CP Plus operates in India through a multi-faced sales channel. We have dealers, distributors and retailers, on all levels in India. Which channel partner assists which client depends on the type of the consumer. For instance B2B sales is handled by a channel which does not have a say in the B2C segment and vice versa.

Similarly, even the integrators working with CP Plus are different for B2B and the B2C sector. Our team size is around 1200 people in India. These are segregated on account of different business verticals, geographies and types of consumers.

ACE – Do you feel there’s a difference between pitching products like security cameras and products like TVs to sales channel and partners?

YD – I feel that the majority of consumer education on our product range is done via the marketing channel. Media also supports us in taking the product to the end consumer and the sales channel.

Next in line comes the word of mouth. A lot of instances that have been shot on security cameras have helped the authorities nab the culprits behind them. Residential societies, office complexes as well as the sales channels takes note of such instances. So, while CCTVs may not be as booming as an industry like smart TVs, the size is definitely increasing and the sales channel associated with consumer electronics knows it.

One major challenge that we have had to address in the last few years is the pricing part. It matters to the end consumer but it matters more to the sales channel. We have been able to address this concern so beautifully that CCTVs can now be easily afforded by almost every section of the society.

Another challenge we solved is the quality of videos shot on CCTVs. Finally, I would say that we are moving towards an era where channels will be more interested in retailing CCTVs then many other consumer electronics brands. Why? Because as I said security is becoming of utmost importance.

ACE – What benefits do you offer to people and businesses associated in your sales channel? Please elaborate in terms of promotions, sales and service?

YD – I agree that incentive schemes for sales channels are important. We also roll out incentive plans based on the objectives defined for different quarters every financial year. These include foreign trips, special products offers and special packages. Overall out channel strategy is based on the target audience and the geography that we are serving.

What matters more to us is the happiness quotient of every channel partner associated with CP Plus. While incentive schemes are there, our focus is on helping our channel deliver faster installations and even faster solutions to problems!

ACE – Where are you focusing on currently – online, offline or omni channel? Which channel contributes more to your revenue?

YD – For a brand that deals in security solutions and CCTVs, a single channel strategy can never work out. We cater to B2B, B2C, government bodies and even international clients. Now, focusing on one channel would be instant death. So instead we keep our focus on the omnichannel strategy.

CP Plus, in fact, has different teams to look after different verticals in India. We have a team that looks after the online channel, one for the offline and so forth and so on. We are present PAN India in all the channels.

ACE – Are you open to adding more channel partners in India? What geographies in India are you focusing on next?

YD – Yes, definitely. I think that is something that every brand wants – to add channel partners that are good and promising. I have said earlier that the security and CCTVs business in India is witnessing a sharp incline and that is why it is the perfect time to add more partners in the channel.

The more the merrier is the concept we at CP Plus believe in. Every new channel partner that we add brings in a new skill set as well as new challenges to look up to and craft solutions.

ACE – How has been the last two financial years for CP Plus? What are your expectations from this financial? Is there any new strategy that you are working on?

YD – The last two years have been very good for us. During these years, we were able to register double digit growth and we aim to repeat the achievement over the next years as well.

What’s working for us is enhancing the reach of our products to the end consumers. The channels have played a great role in the same. The next strategy that’s working for us is a good dividend scheme.

ACE – You recently announced make more plans in India, how would this step help your channel, your end consumers and you?

YD – With respect to production, the TAT in terms of delivery will increase. Our partners will be able to deliver and install products faster and that is what I think is essential for business and growth.

Every move we take is aimed towards inclusive growth and satisfaction – growth of our channel partners and satisfaction of our end-consumers.

Author – Mukul Yudhveer SinghAn avid reader, Mukul finds peace in books and technology. He’s as passionate about writing as he is about cricket and Playstation. If not writing or reading, you will most likely find him drawing tattoo designs or analyzing political campaigns.