Delta is Working on Voice Controlled Water Faucets


The company claims that its smart faucets increase connectivity in the kitchen. The use of IoT or smart features is becoming a trend in the consumer electronics industry

pic source – Delta Faucet

Delta, known for water faucets in the country, is planning to launch smart water faucets in many of its international markets. The company said that it has leveraged Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices to create a smart kitchen faucet that thinks on command.

The company’s official statement read, “To address an emergent need for thoughtfully connected home technology, the Delta brand leverages Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices to create a smart kitchen faucet that thinks on command.”

Ryan Wilson, Director of Delta brand product marketing, said, “Today’s world is more connected than ever before; that drives a need for products that deliver convenience and connectivity.”

Powered by VoiceIQ technology

Delta said that the smart faucet has been planned considering the fact that 20 per cent of all WiFi-enabled homes are equipped with a connected home device. The company claims that its VoiceIQ technology pairs with existing smart devices to dispense the exact amount of water needed through voice commands.

Ryan added, “From the minds who created the innovative Touch2O Technology and H2OKinetic shower technology, we are excited for VoiceIQ Technology to continue the evolution of hands-free technology and showcase how the Delta brand can exceed consumer expectations in the kitchen.”


VoiceIQ Technology, as per the company, allows users to warm water. Users can also turn water on and off with voice activation. Delta’s official statement read, “Consumers can command the faucet to dispense a metered amount of water in various quantities for precise measurement.”

The company said that the voice commands are customizable. It claims that users can customize commands like filling a coffee pot, a child’s sippy cup, or a dog bowl. Delta will be commercially launching its VoiceIQ Technology during summer 2019 as a pre-assembled feature on select Delta Trinsic pull-down models with Touch2O Technology.

Its official statement read, “For an added level of convenience, a retrofit module for VoiceIQ Technology will be available to upgrade existing kitchen faucets with Delta Touch2O Technology manufactured after 1 January 2018.”