Haier Unveils Laundry Room Based on IoT


The unveiling took place at the 2019 Appliances and Electronics World Expo (AWE 2019) in Shanghai, China

Haier Unveils World’s First Smart Laundry Room At AWE 2019

Combining washing, air drying and folding with its latest smart products and technologies, Haier has unveiled a laundry room based on Internet of Things (IoT). The company is calling it the first smart laundry room in the world.

Li Yang, vice president and washing machine general manager of Haier, said, “In addition to upgrading the technologies in our laundry appliances, we wanted to create a smart laundry room scenario that can help customers organize tasks in an unprecedented way. The appliances in the network now interact with each other to monitor the progress of washing and drying efficiently, thus providing a convenient, hassle-free laundry experience.”

Haier’s Delhi Experience Store Based on IoT

Interestingly, the company has recently opened an exclusive experience store in Delhi, India. Eric Braganza, president, Haier Appliances India, at the unveiling of the Delhi store, had pointed out towards IoT as the technology embraced by users in the country.

He had said, “This is a moment of great pride for us and we are excited to announce the launch of first of its kind experience store for our consumers in the national capital of New Delhi. Today’s consumers are embracing IoT technology that allows them to access their home appliances in an intuitive manner. At Haier, we understand the evolving needs of the Indian consumer to create smart solutions to address their requirements. This store showcases Haier’s futuristic products and intelligent devices all under one roof.”

Haier claims that the store gives a sneak peek into a connected world where home appliances are synced and interconnected with each other. The company has conceptualized the Delhi-located Haier Experience store around four physical spaces in the home – smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom and smart bedroom.

Haier’s IoT Approach

The company said that its strategy aims to build a brand ecology centered on lifestyle, and the smart laundry room scenario under “Internet of Clothing” (IoC) is a significant component that showcased the company’s progress in establishing a smart laundry ecosystem.

Its official statement, regarding the connected laundry room at AWE 2019 read, “Haier has pioneered an IoC, a networked laundry solution connecting the smart washing machine, laundry rack and folding machine. First, the washing machine completes a wash cycle after analyzing the clothing material, water quality and detergent type. Then the smart folding machine, installed on the smart laundry rack, detects if the clothes are thoroughly dried. It would then send a reminder via Haier’s U+ app to suggest that the user launch the auto-folding function. The appliance would then analyze the type of the clothes and fold them in the appropriate manner. The progress can be checked on the app at any time.”