New Personal Care Appliances Manufacturers Emerging in India: GMI

  • A latest research published by Global Market Insights forecast that the personal care appliances market will reach US$ 30 billion by 2025
  • China and Japan are also among the countries witnessing emergence of such manufacturers

The revenue of personal care appliances market crossed $20 billion in the year 2018 and is predicted to touch 30 billion-dollar mark till 2025, growing at six per cent between the years 2019 and 2025. As per a latest research report by Global Market Insights (GMI), the growing popularity of beauty enhancing and personal health products due to increased consumer awareness is driving the industry growth.

GMI’s research read, “The Asian countries including India, Japan, China, etc, are witnessing an emergence of several new manufacturers that provide lower-priced options when compared to the global players. These low pricing strategies aid players to gain a major customer share in Asian countries. As a result, local manufacturers and global companies are developing region and customer-specific products to cater to the requirements.”

Asia Pacific personal care appliances market valued at $ 7 billion

Asia Pacific personal care electrical appliances market was valued at around USD seven billion in 2018 and is gaining rapid development due to the growing popularity of efficient hair care and grooming products. The research read, “Procter & Gamble Company, Panasonic Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Dyson, Conair Corporation, Spectrum Brands, and Havells India Limited, are the key players present in the global personal care appliances market.”

It continued, “The companies are involved in increasing their presence in the untapped regions to cater to the local customers through both retail and online platforms. These companies are highly investing in R&D activities to launch advanced products.”

High demand for body and hair care electronics

The growing popularity of beauty enhancing and personal health products due to increased consumer awareness is driving the industry growth. The body and hair care electronics are witnessing high demand among youngsters owing to the focus on personality and body grooming aspects.

GMI’s research read, “Moreover, the trend of keeping and maintaining male beard influenced by models and movie stars is adding up to the demand for male shavers and trimmers across the globe. The high availability for a variety of styling and body care options at varied price ranges for all age groups is developing the industry at a rapid pace.”

Rechargeable battery-powered devices gaining popularity

Rechargeable battery-powered personal care appliances and devices are gaining popularity owing to the convenient usage and recharging benefits. These devices are cordless, do not require a continuous power connection, and are convenient, creating a high demand in the industry.

GMI’s research read, “Battery- powered devices can be used anywhere without the need for electricity, making them travel compatible and user-friendly when compared to the corded devices. Hair trimmers and shavers with cordless features are witnessing high sales growth among both male and female consumers, further expanding the personal care appliances market. The appliance manufacturers are launching cordless and portable products with extended battery life to provide high convenience to customers.”