OnePlus, Apple and Samsung Top Premium Smartphone Brands: Report


Premium smartphone segment shipments reached highest ever in a Q4 2018 quarter and 2018 in India. Smartphones that start from Rs 30,000 price range are generally included in the premium smartphones category in the country

OnePlus 6 and iPhone X

Recently in a report published by Counterpoint Research stated that OnePlus is the front-runner in the premium smartphone market in India for three consecutive quarters.It also said that the Samsung held the maximum market share in terms of premium smartphones in 2018.

As per the report,OnePlus, Apple and Samsung contributed 92 per cent of the overall premium market in Q4 2018.And  OnePlus 6 was the best-selling premium model throughout 2018 in terms of shipment as well as in retail value. OnePlus 6T was positioned at second place followed by Samsung S9 Plus.

Premium smartphone segment shipments reached highest ever in Q4 2018 quarter and 2018. The overall premium segment grew by eight per cent YoY for the full year 2018 and 16 per cent YoY for Q4 2018.

Apple’s premium segment shipments fell 25 per cent YoY in Q4 2018

The report also indicate that Apple’s premium segment shipments declined 25 per cent YoY in Q4 2018.The high-premium-pricing for iPhones may be a reason behind Apple’s declining shipments in India. It is to be noted that Apple continues to choose to pay 20 per cent import duty on new imported iPhones instead of manufacturing in India and this Cupertino based giant will start manufacturing 2019 iPhone models locally in India. The entry of android premium offerings by several China based smartphone brands including the Huawei, and aggressive sales and distribution strategy from OnePlus, Samsung, and Google may further make year 2019 tough for Apple.

OnePlus recorded its highest ever shipments in Q4 2018

China based OnePlus, that operates under BBK umbrella in India, recorded its highest ever shipments in a single quarter during Q4 2018. It successfully lead premium smartphone segment for three consecutive quarters capturing 36 per cent market share.

The growth fro OnePlus, as per the analysis, was driven by strong demand of OnePlus 6T during Diwali festive season. The momentum continues even after festive season due to strong word of mouth and product feedback from the end users. OnePlus’ latest expansion into offline space along with experience stores will help it to reach potential user base in coming quarters.

Samsung shipments grew 72 per cent YoY in Q4 2018

Samsung was able to capture 26 per cent share of the premium smartphone segment, as its shipments grew 72 per cent YoY in Q4 2018. The newly launched Galaxy A9, between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 price range attributed towards Samsung’s growth. Samsung Galaxy A9 is in direct competition with OnePlus devices in India.