OnePlus Will Continue Selling Smartphones With Amazon in India: Report


Vikash Agarwal’s comments may have come in as a clarification to the new norms for FDI in e-commerce policy announced in December last year. 1 February 2019 has been set as the deadline for the implementation of these norms

China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus famous for its range of premium smartphones in the country has recently clarified that it is not under any contractual obligations with Amazon in India. And as per a news report  the brand’s choice to sell OnePlus smartphones online exclusively on Amazon India is its strategic choice.

OnePlus India GM Vikas Agarwal stated that they never really had the exclusive commitment to Amazon. It has been their choice that they want to sell exclusively but it is not because of any commitment that they had made contractually. So, the new regulations will not really have any impact.

OnePlus had entered the Indian market in 2014. It has been selling devices through Amazon India, since the beginning in the country. The company had initially followed an invitation-based model. However sales to everyone were opened as it started launching devices every year.

OnePlus not considering any other platform

Agarwal also said that the brand is not thinking of retailing OnePlus devices on any other platform then Amazon India. It  had also opened an exclusive experience store in Delhi.

A recent research published by Counterpoint had claimed that OnePlus was able to capture 33 per cent premium smartphone market in India in 2018. It said that OnePlus devices were the best selling premium smartphones for three consecutive quarters in 2018. OnePlus also sells smartphones using its India website in the country.