Oppo Enters UK, Turkey and Poland Markets


The China-based brand is also considering online channel expansion plans in India. It is rumored that Oppo will launch online sales focused K-Series smartphones soon

Oppo has officially entered the UK, Turkey and Poland markets, and will start retailing its line-up of devices in all the three countries soon. The brand even organised a local brand launch conference to introduce its flagship products in the three markets.

SuperVOOC super flash charging technology, Oppo’s fast smartphone charging tech, was also showcased at the event. The China-based smartphone brand also announced the setting-up of a design center in London.

Selling Blu-ray players

The brand has started its operations in Turkey, UK and Poland by selling Blu-ray players. Interestingly, Oppo Blue-ray players are not yet available in India. As a matter of fact, the market for such players may not be that rewarding in the country.

OnePlus, which operates under the same umbrella as Oppo, had earlier announced that it will be the first smartphone brand to offer commercial 5G smartphones in Europe. Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus operate under the umbrella of China based BBK company.

Oppo might launch K-series smartphones online in India

We had earlier reported that China-based smartphone maker Oppo is gearing up to launch its K-Series smartphones on Flipkart. This is the first time that the brand is taking the online route to launch a smartphone series in the country. The official launch will take place during the next two weeks of February.

It is to be noted here that Oppo, just like Vivo and OnePlus, operates under the umbrella of China-based BBK. While Vivo and OnePlus have strong online presence, Oppo is mre known for its presence in the offline sales channel. Interestingly, OnePlus has operated as an Amazon only brand in India till now.