Realme CEO Takes a Shot at the 48 Megapixel Smartphone


Madhav Sheth shared two photos of the same surroundings taken through a recent ’48 mp smartphone’ and one with 13MP Realme camera

(picture credits – Realme Twitter)

Realme’s CEO Madhav Sheth took on Twitter to announce the difference between photos taken by a 13 megapixel Realme camera and a touted ’48’ megapixel camera. He even asked Twitter usres to spot the difference between two pictures.

Madhav’s exact tweet read, “Just took some sample shot. One is taken by a 48 MP camera but actually 12 MP by default with due respect has been in news recently. The other one is taken by a 13MP Realme camera. Can you spot the differences? Is it hardware or software optimised.”

Hinting towards Xiaomi 48 megapixel smartphone?

A twitter user who goes by the name of Dev Umraniya and uses @UmraniyaDev Twitter handle, tweeted, “Pixel difference between 48MP Redmi note 7 camera and Realme1 13MP camera. Realme1 had more pixel than Redmi note 7..only marketing hype.”

Interestingly, China based Xiaomi had recently announced a 48 megapixel smartphone in its home country. Several users on the same post on Twitter have mentioned about the comparison being between the Xiaomi 48 megapixel and Realme 13 MP camera. Madhav in the tweet has himself said that the 48 megapixel camera might actually be a 12 MP camera.

Another Twitter user, who goes by the name of Naman Dwivedi tweeted, “I think, you had taken both the images in different time, Realme image is shot on day light, and (48MP) Redmi Note 7 (i guess), shot during eve time or low light time, see the cloud on the image, how can be it so different?”

Realme and Xiaomi locked in a fight to capture more market share

A recent report by Counterpoint Research had said that Xiaomi and Realme were among the top three brands to rule Diwali festive sales in India.

Tarun Pathak, associate director, Counterpoint Research had said, “Xiaomi sold the most number of smartphones during this period thanks to strong performance in online channels. Xiaomi widened the gap with Samsung which still did relatively well in offline channels capturing 30 per cent share.”

Pathak about Realme had commented, “The newly launched online only smartphone brand, Realme had a record festive performance for any new brand ever in India. Realme immediately captured 9 per cent share jumping to the third spot in overall sales volume performance and also became the second largest in online segment with 18 per cent share.

Both Xiaomi and Realme were introduced as online first brands in India. Xiaomi has already announced opening of more than 500 Mi Stores, whereas Realme is also working on its offline expansion in India.

Biswarup Koley replying to Madhav’s tweet, tweeted, “Realme is far better than the fake 48mp, you know what I’m talking.”