Samsung is Planning a Front Pop-up Camera Smartphone: Report


China-based smartphone brands, including the likes of Vivo and Oppo, have already introduced such smartphones. Samsung might position it in the Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 smartphone category

Upcoming Samsung A90 smartphone will reportedly feature a front pop-up camera. Famous for revealing specs and features of upcoming smartphones, Ice Universe shared details about Samsung’s front pop-up camera smartphone on Twitter.

His exact tweet read, “A90 is perfect. It will be Samsung’s first pop-up front camera phone, so its screen is perfect, there is no notch, no hole.”

More specifications about the smartphone are not known yet. However, it is expected that Samsung may position it in the Rs 25,000 to 40,000 smartphone category.

Oppo and Vivo have already unveiled pop-up camera smartphones

China-based smartphone brands, including the likes of Vivo and Oppo have already introduced such smartphones in global markets. Oppo Find X, a smartphone with pop-up selfie camera, was launched last year at a price of Rs 59,990 in the country.

Vivo may also be launching a similar camera smartphone in the last week of February 2019. It is to be noted here that both Vivo and Oppo operate under the umbrella of China-based BBK company. OnePlus is a sub-brand of BBK company.

Samsung A90 possible launch at MWC 2019

Samsung may launch its front pop-up camera smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Several reports had earlier indicated that the brand is also going to launch its foldable smartphone at the event. However, it has also announced a event to be held in San-Franciso before the MWC 2019. It is highly likely that the brand will launch its 5G smartphone at the event.

Smartphone brands including the likes of LG, Oppo, Samsung and Huawei will all be attending the MWC. As a matter of fact, innovations and product launches showcases at the event may provide some relief to the declining smartphone market.