Smartphones With Amoled Displays to be in Trend in 2020?

  • A report by Omdia pointed out that Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung have increased adoption of amoled displays in place of TFT-LCDs
  • The rigid amoled display market, as per Omdia, is forecast to decline by 12 per cent in 2020
  • Brands might also introduce more models of foldable smartphones

Despite a projected double-digit decline in smartphone shipments due to the coronavirus pandemic, the global market for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (amoled) smartphone displays is expected to rise by nine per cent in 2020. A recent report published by Omdia also pointed out towards Samsung Display as the leader in amoled display panels market.

“Smartphone brands across the world are increasingly migrating their product lines to amoled display technology—even amidst the catastrophic market conditions spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. Apple is expected to expand its amoled iPhone line-up to three models in 2020, up from two in 2019. Meanwhile, Chinese smartphone OEMs are expected to increase the number of high-end smartphones integrating AMOLED panels this year,” said Brian Huh, principal analyst, small/medium displays, Omdia.

The shipments of flexible amoled panels are also forecast to increase in 2020. Flexible amoled panels are used to manufacture foldable devices. Only a few brands have commercially launched foldable smartphones till now.

Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple

Though Samsung Display continues to be the leader in amoled panel shipments, its share in the market is on the declining end. Samsung Display shipped 407 million smartphone amoled panels in 2019, up eight per cent from 2018. The company accounted for 86 per cent share of unit shipments during 2019. Panel shipments to Apple, as per the report, decreased by 24 per cent to 56 million units.

Samsung Display’s competitors BOE, Everdisplay and Visionox, were able to increase their shares in the amoled display panels market. Excluding Samsung Display, total panel shipments increased by 113 per cent to reach 64 million units in 2019.

“Panel shipments to Chinese OEMs increased dramatically. Panel shipments to Huawei and Xiaomi increased by 287 percent and 120 percent respectively to reach 73 million and 20 million units. Both companies in 2019 increased their adoption of AMOLEDs in place of TFT-LCDs in their mid- to high-end smartphone line-ups,” read the report.

It is to be noted here that several smartphone brands have introduced smartphones with amoled panels in the below Rs 20,000 category in India. Once limited to premium smartphones, amoled displays have started making way into mid-range smartphones as well.