We do not wish to compete against any brand, whether MNC or Local: Detel


Headquartered in Gurugram, Detel is a two years old consumer electronics brand, which primarily deals in TVs, mobile phones and mobile accessories in India

Yogesh Bhatia, Founder, Detel India

Yogesh Bhatia, founder, Detel India spoke to Electronics For U Network on various topics ranging from the brand’s presence in the country to its take on the new FDI in e-commerce policy.

He said that desirable products at affordable prices has always been the USP of Detel as a brand. Detel had recently launched the world’s most affordable TV, priced at Rs 3,999, in India. Not only the brand is looking to expand in India, but it also plans to debut in International markets as well.

Here are some more interesting excerpts from the conversation

Detel is gaining good momentum in the market? How have you managed such accomplishments in this short time?

India has a population of almost 1,350 million people, out of which around 400 million, are yet to be connected. Detel’s vision is to connect these people. Keeping affordability in consideration, we launched a mobile phone costing just Rs 299 in India last year.

Likewise, each of our products is developed focusing on one simple question – What value will it make in the life of consumers? We follow this approach for all our products and success follows.

Since how long you have been operating in India?

We launched Detel two years back in the country. The brand is based on the 25 years of experience that we have gained from different verticals. After getting hands-on experience in different verticals, we finally launched our own brand, Detel. Our focus has always been on customer requirements, market scenario and affordable products.

How do you compete against global brands operating in India? Do you think the govt is doing enough to support local brands?

We do not wish to compete against any brand, whether MNC or Local. Instead, our focus is on carving a separate space in the market for our products. Detel is always focussed on its strategy which is to identify the gap, and address accordingly with economical products. I think, the government is doing its part to support local brands.

What’s the secret behind your success in India?

Our success largely is a result of the philosophy that we follow at Detel. We always try to bridge the gap between desirability and affordability. In fact, if you look at the Detel products line-up, you will see how desirable, yet affordable the products are! We had recently launched the world’s most affordable 19-inch (48.26 cm) TV, which is a testament to our vision.

Our vision is to connect 40 crore Indians by empowering them with the choice of world’s most economical electronics products.

Which consumer electronic categories are you present in? Where do you see the major growth happening in next 2 years?

We are present in the mobile phone, mobile phone accessories and LED TV segments in India. I read a study which said that 35 per cent Indians still don’t own TVs or mobile phones. My aim is to reach this segment and provide them with affordable TVs and mobile phones. I also see major growth happening in both the segments.

Detel will be launching a lot of new products in other categories as well. We are currently in the planning phase.

Will we see Detel making its entry into international markets as well? Which all countries do you plan to enter soon?

Yes, we are going to make India proud very soon. Detel products will be available across South Asian Markets within this year.

How is it possible for Detel to offer products at such affordable prices?

We have learnt a lot from our old experiences gained from working in different verticals. The credit also goes to Detel’s R&D team. We at Detel believe in thorough researching before launching a product. Planning, researching and market studies are a critical part of any product that Detel launches.

Our focus at the moment is on providing technology rich consumer electronics products at affordable prices.

What’s your take on the new norms for FDI in e-commerce policy?

We welcome the policy formulated by the Govt of India. In fact, it has created a win-win situation for Detel in both online as well as offline sales channels.

Which parts of India is Detel strongest in? Which regions will you be covering under your next expansion phase?

Detel is getting stronger in northern and southern regions of India. Our next target is to expand in eastern and western regions. We will soon reach these regions with our affordable products in the mobile as well as TV category.

Do you plan to add more retailers, dealers and direct sellers in your network? What’s your strategy for approaching these businesses?

Yes, we are regularly adding new retailers, dealers and direct sellers in our network. We strategize the same through Detel Website and App. All our products are available on our website and app. Apart from retailers and dealer networks, customers can also buy Detel products directly through our website or through our app.