Panasonic’s New Year Campaign Focuses on Healthy Eating Habits

  • Panasonic seems to be focusing on new year resolutions for its new educational campaign around refrigerators
  • The company’s line of refrigerators used in the campaign are projected with the experience fresh tagline

Consumer electronics giant Panasonic has rolled out its new year campaign in India. Themed around adopting healthy eating habits, the short video asks intriguing questions to consumers and ends educating them about the benefits of eating healthy.

“Switching to healthier lifestyle habits tops the list of New Year resolutions every year. Be it being regular with exercising or eating right; health has become a priority. Through this campaign we want to ask consumers to look into a part of their home that reflects their health the most – refrigerators; and replace all unwanted things with healthy options to inculcate better eating habits. Junk The Junk with Panasonic,”stated Shirish Agarwal, head, brand & marketing communications, Panasonic India.

The connection between eating healthy and keeping food fresh

The company has connected New Year Resolutions, eating healthy habit and keeping food fresh in the video. It is to be noted here that rising stress levels among millennials are making them take resort in junk food items. A report published by the Medical Xpress in 2019 had shed light on the connection between stress and eating habits. This report was based on the findings announced by Belgium located Ghent University.

“Stress has long been implicated in poor diet. People tend to report overeating and comfort eating foods high in fat, sugar, and calories in times of stress. Our findings looking at the eating habits of students during exam periods confirm this stress-induced dietary deterioration hypothesis”, noted Dr. Nathalie Michels from Ghent University in Belgium, who led the research.

Experience fresh refrigerators

The refrigerators used in the educational video are retailed in the market with tagline Experience Fresh by Panasonic. Company’s website explains the technology used in these refrigerators as a tech that freezes food slowly at about -3 degree celsius. This enables the refrigerator to keep the food fresh for longer periods of time.

Panasonic informed that the frozen using this technology also tastes better than fresh food items stored in other fridges. The Japan-based consumer electronics giant has one of the largest sales channel presence in India

“Our experience fresh proposition is in synergy with global trends towards healthier lifestyles and invites consumers to enjoy healthy living and fresh food experience, inspired and enabled by Japanese culture and technology. It conveys our commitment to delivering all the health and taste benefits of delicious healthy storing and cooking, enjoyed together in the home,” added Shirish Agarwal, head, brand & marketing communications.