Samsung’s New Unique Promotion Strategy Includes Linkedin Posts


The Korea based brand seems to have picked a rabbit out of a hat in form of its latest marketing strategy for its latest S10 smartphone series

Samsung may be running a Linkedin specific promotion for its S10 smartphone series in India. We say may be, because we haven’t seen the same promotion either on Samsung’s Twitter or Facebook handles. The Korea-based company, through a Linkedin promotion and post is encouraging people to use their work email ids while ordering a new smartphone from the S10 series.

The campaign that may still be live on Linkedin promises users that it will unpack exclusive details on the S10 smartphones once they use their work email ids to order these phones. Interestingly, Linkedin is one of the top-rated professional networking platforms in the world.

It is to be noted here that while Samsung is among the leaders in the premium smartphone space, it lacks behind in the affordable smartphones category in India. A recent report by IDC had said that China-based Xiaomi was leading Indian smartphone market for past several quarters.

Unique approach

The approach is also unique because instead of campaigning for its budget smartphone series, the Korea based brand is using the platform to market its premium smartphone offering. This is based on the advertisement we saw on Linkedin. Samsung may also be trying to encourage people to buy other smartphones from its line-up using their work email id.

This move may help Samsung in two ways – driving sales and word of mouth publicity. Consumers who are interested in buying a new smartphone may get attracted towards checking what Samsung can offer if they are ready to share their work email ids with the same. Secondly, if the consumer electronics giant is able to shell out good offers, the campaign and Samsung’s Employee would certainly be able to generate ‘word of mouth’ publicity. Afterall, good offers, like gossip, don’t take time in revolving around all the desks inside an office setup.

Update – offer on wearables, TVs and digital appliances as well

The Samsung employee referral program, as learned from Samsung’s website, is applicable on its line of wearables, TVs and digital appliances as well. The company at the moment is offering wearables at best buy prices, TVs at up to 35 per cent discounts and digital appliances at up to 28 per cent discount.

These offers, however, are only applicable to people who are ready to user their work email ids while shopping. On smartphones Samsung, is offering special prices and free ADLD insurance.