Eureka Forbes Launches New Air Purifiers in India


The brand has priced Dr. Aeroguard 660H air purifier at Rs 37,999 in India. Another newly launched air purifier, Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 600, has been priced at Rs 24,999

pic credits – Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes has introduced new air purifiers in the Indian market. Christened Dr Aeroguard 660H air purifier, Eureka Forbes claims that it is India’s first air purifier with a built-in humidifier. Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 600 is the other air purifier launched in India.

An official tweet made through the Eureka Forbes India Twitter handle read, “Keep harmful indoor air pollution at bay with Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 600. This feature-rich, made-in-India purifier ensures 4-stage purification of air.”

The brand has priced Dr. Aeroguard 660H air purifier at Rs 37,999 in India. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 600 has been priced at Rs 24,999.

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard 660H air purifier features

A press release issued by the company claims that the Hepa filter used in its latest air purifier is capable of removing 99.97 per cent of micro-particles. It also comes equipped with anti-allergen and anti-bacterial filters that trap airborne particles.

Eureka Forbes claims that the Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 660H air purifier is certified by GUI lab, Germany. It is also patented with Duotron technology that actively reduces growth of viruses and bacteria present in the indoor air.

A nano ultra violet purification system checks and controls the growth of harmful bacteria while the filter chucks out pollutants including PM 2.5 and 10, dust and pet dander. The system is equipped with features that alert a user when a filter change is needed.

This latest in-built humidifier air purifier boasts an aroma diffuser. Company claims that users can control this air purifier using remote commands.

It comes installed with an extra layer of anti-pollen and anti-allergen filters, which as per Eureka Forbes, has been designed especially for Indian weather conditions. The purifier boosts ambient lights, filter change indicator, aroma diffuser, child lock option, and night mode.