Digitek Launches Five New Bluetooth Headphones in India

  • The company is retailing these using online as well as offline sales channel in India
  • All these earphones feature 80 cm cords
Digitek Bluetooth Headphones

Digitek, a New Delhi based consumer technology has announced the launch of five new Bluetooth powered headphones in India. Dubbed DBE 004, DBE 005, DBE 006, DBE 007, DBE 008, the company is retailing these at prices of Rs 895, Rs 995, Rs 1395 and Rs 1495 respectively.

Company’s official statement read, “Built with A2DP/AVRCR technology, the high quality stereo earphones offer excellent performance with stable connection, sound frequency and long-distance control protocol to enhance users’ experience.”

The company said that it is retailing these latest Bluetooth headphones through online as well as offline sales channel in India. Digitek’s range of products includes chargers for smartphones, car, digital cameras, DSLR’s, camcorders and video cameras; Li-ion batteries, power banks, cables, earphones, heaadphones – Bluetooth and wired, Bluetooth speakers, and card readers.

25 hours of talk time

DBE 004 and DBE 005 earphones require up to one hour of charging for five hours of music backup. Whereas DBE 006 offers seven hours of talk time or music playing in one to two hours of charging and DBE 007-008 earphones offer 25 hours of talk time or music playing in one to two hours of charging.

Company’s official statement read, “The newly launched range of products come packed with easy-to-use and comprehensive control buttons for wireless operations. The built-in microphone facility enables the users to easily manage hands-free calling. All the new devices also support use of the TF card. Their magnet absorption quality allows the earphones to safely tuck themselves comfortably around the user’s neck to avoid falling off.”

It continued, “All the new variants equipped with easily manageable 80 cm cord are light weighted and extremely comfortable to use especially during high intensity activities like gym exercises, running or other sports activity. With noise cancelling technology to enjoy music seamlessly, these sweat-proof earphones provide comfortable in-ear fit and are highly durable.”

Other features of these premium earphones include seal tips, signal coverage within a walking distance of 10m of barrier free space, 10 mm of speakers, wire control with inbuilt mic, music track selection, play and pause functions and call receiving controller.