Philips Audio Launches New Range of Audio Products

  • Philips claims the TAPH805 comes with 30 hours of playback time
  • Philips says that the SHK2000 headphones come with customisation and safe volume option

Philips Audio has launched a new range of audio products in India. The newly launched audio products include the Philips TAPH805 and TAPN505 performance wireless bluetooth headphones, SHB2505 and SHB2515 Upbeat true wireless headphones, TAUT102 in-ear earphones, upbeat TAUH202 headphones, TAPH802 and TAPN402 performance range of earphones.

Philips also launched SHB1805 and SHB3595 earphones, SHK2000 headphones, MMS2220B & MMS2200B bluetooth speakers, BT6620 bluetooth speakers, TAPB603 soundbar, HTL3320 & HTL3310 soundbars, MMS8085B convertible soundbar, SPA8000B speakers and SPA9120B and SPA9080B tower speakers

Noise cancellation technology and Google Assistant

The Philips TAPH805 and TAPN505  headphones are priced at Rs 20,990 and Rs 18,990 respectively. Philips says that the TAPH805 performance wireless bluetooth headphones come with 30 hours playtime, flexible quick charging.

It also has noise cancellation technology and Google Assistant. With the help of Google Assistant, the user can read notifications, call or send messages. The TAPN505 neckband headphones come with up to 14 hours playtime. They also come with Google Assistant and noise cancelling technology.

Philips is selling the AUT102 in-ear earphones at a price of Rs 4,990. They come with wireless connectivity and have acoustic echo cancellation claims the company.

Splash-proof design

Philips is selling the SHB2505 and SHB2515 headphones are available at Rs 7,999 and Rs 8,999 respectively. Philips BT6620 is retailing it in blue, red and black colours at a price of Rs 5,990. It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity splash-proof design and synchronising lights.

Philips is selling the TAPH802 and TAPN402 at Rs 10,990 and Rs 7,990 respectively. The company says that the TAPH802 comes with 30 hours of playtime and the TAPN402 provide users with 14 hours playtime. They also come with rapid charge feature.

Six hours of battery life

The SHB1805 and SHB3595 earphones are priced at Rs 2,499 and Rs 2,999 respectively. The company says that the SHB1805 are in-ear Bluetooth earphones with four hours of wireless playback and the SHB3595 are portable earphones with up to six hours of battery life.

The SHK2000 headphones are priced at Rs 1,499 and is equipped with features like customisation and safe volume. Philips is selling the MMS2220B and MMS2200B bluetooth speakers for Rs 14,990 and Rs 10,990 respectively. Philips claims that the speakers can be converted into a soundbar. They come equipped with bluetooth connectivity, audio-in and USB direct.

Dolby Atmos support

Philips is selling the TAPB603 soundbar for Rs 31,990. It comes equipped with Dolby Atmos support and wireless connectivity. Philips has priced the MMS8085B soundbar at Rs 8,990. The company says that it has a 80W sound output and bluetooth connectivity. Philips is selling the HTL3320 & HTL3310 at Rs 20,990 and Rs 18,990 respectively. They are equipped with twin tweeters and virtual surround sound technology says Philips.

Philips will be selling the SPA8000B speakers for Rs 10,490. It comes with wireless connectivity to devices like smartphone and laptops to stream music.

Philips is selling the SPA9120B and SPA9080B tower speakers at Rs 22,990 and Rs 16,990. Sony claims the tower speakers come with a wireless microphone, wooden cabinet