New Carbon Fibre Based Lightweight Smartphone


A Berlin-based startup, Carbon Mobile debuts on the market this March with “Carbon 1 Mark II”, a carbon fiber cell phone which is ultra-light, slim and sustainable. The base material for the product is a thermoplastic composite reinforced with a web of incredibly fine 1K continuous carbon fiber filaments.

The weight of this carbon-fiber phone is said to be 125gm, and thickness is only 6.3mm. The sustainability is achieved by the use of recyclable materials.

Carbon is not used in smartphone industries as the carbon contained in carbon fiber shields from radio waves and traps heat. Therefore, the researchers have done plenty of research and arrived at a solution called HyRECM technology. This technology combines carbon fibers and an associated composite material that allows radio frequency signals to pass through.

“Our composite material, which we developed for extremely lightweight designs for components subject to considerable stress, does more than just allow exceptionally thin wall thicknesses. In fact, with its high degree of strength and rigidity, it also helps to make the housing very robust for day-to-day use.” Philipp Genders, Tepex expert in application development at LANXESS

The composite material used for the housing can also be easily recycled. “Like all products in the Tepex dynalite product line, it can be shredded and then processed on standard injection-molding machines to make high-quality components, either by itself or mixed with suitable new material,” explained Genders.