Samsung Announces Exclusive Online Sale of 32 and 40 inch Smart TVs

  • Samsung is retailing these TVs exclusively through Flipkart’s e-commerce portal in the country
  • The company has announced sale of 32-inch variant. The 40-inch variant will be launched in last week of August

Samsung has announced the exclusive online sale of its 32 and 40-inch Smart TVs. The company said that these TVs allow users to access their work documents through cloud sharing.

Company’s official statement read, “For millennials and Gen Z in India, this is reason to be mighty excited. These TVs come with unique, industry first benefits and features that demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to Indian millennials.”

Samsung is retailing the 32 inch (80 cm) smart 7-in-1 TV at Rs 22,500 on Flipkart at no cost EMI of Rs 999. The 40 inch variant, as per the company, will be priced at Rs 33,900 when it is launched in the fourth week of August.

Smart 7-in-1 TV

Samsung’s official statement explaining the features of these latest smart TVs read, “For young professionals tired of straining their eyes on the 16” laptop screen, this TV is like a magic lamp. The Smart 7-in-1 TV doubles up as a personal computer and allows you to access work documents on cloud. Users can remotely access their laptop or personal computer from any location over the internet. It even provides seamless access to Microsoft Office 365 services over cloud. Moreover, your data remains as secured as a vault with multilayered unmatched Samsung Knox security.”

It continued, “On a day when all you want is good music, the TV can act as your music system. It comes with Two Way Sharing that helps the TV, tablet and the phone to work as a team. You can mirror the content on your smartphone on a larger screen or play music of your smartphone from the TV speakers. This TV provides a comprehensive visual experience by turning into a virtual music system and allows the consumers to choose from a library of skins with different color options.”

These smart 7-in-1 TVs transforms into a virtual cloud to automatically store data. The pictures and videos of smartphone, as per Samsung, are transferred automatically and wirelessly without an internet connection to the USB drive connected to the TV which is password protected.