Sony’s E-paper Watch with In-build 24 Design Patterns


Remember the e-paper watch we reported that Sony has been working on? The company has made an official announcement regarding the same, let’s see what new in this watch

The company has revealed that it is called the FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Watch, and has been put up on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake. Since going up, the device has managed to raise a little above $20,000 (way above its $17,000 goal) from 150 supporters.

Pre-launch trial

Sony has a project called Fashion Entertainments that develops electronic paper fashion devices. They put it up on the crowdfunding site under the project name to test the waters and see the demand for the product.

Company hid Sony’s name because they wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for their concept.

Based on electronic papers and other features

The FES Watch is based on electronic paper and changes its appearance depending on the user’s gesture. The watch comes with 24 design patterns which can be selected manually. Crowd-funding supporters are able to preorder the watch and they will receive the device in May next year. Sony has, however not announced when it plans on launching the smartwatch.

Sony has dabbled in E-ink before the announcement of the Digital Paper that came with 3.3-inch E-Ink display, which it claimed would trigger paperless offices. It comes with stylus support, 4GB internal storage, microSD card slot, Wi-Fi connectivity and it has been priced- $1,100 (approximately Rs 66,000).

The face and wristband of the watch will be made from a patented material that allows the entire surface area to function as a display and change its appearance.