LG Combines Home Electronics With Furniture in New Premium Brand


LG Electronics launches new high-end home appliances brand that will not only function as electronics devices but as home decor too

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LG Electronics has introduced a new premium brand with the concept of combining home appliances with furniture design.

The new brand named ‘LG Objet’ is LG’s second high-end home appliances brand after the LG Signature series, introduced in 2016.

The company said that its LG Objet products will not only function as electronics devices but as home decor too.

First batch of LG Objet products launched

The company unveiled the first batch of LG Objet products last week in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. The products include a mini refrigerator, an air purifier, a speaker and a television.

To make the appliances look like furniture, the products are covered with hard wood, and the sizes of external features are reduced, simplified or hidden in less visible areas of the products.

The LG Objet TV comes with a 65-inch Super Ultra HD display, along with a premium sound bar. A furniture-like touch was added to it by placing a cabinet behind a sliding television screen. The TV is priced at 9.99 million won ($8,755).

The brand’s refrigerator, which utilises premium ash wood to give it a luxury look, and the air purifier are priced at 1.99 million won ($1,760). And the speaker comes with a price tag of 1.49 million won.

The fridge and the air purifier won Red Dot and iF design awards. Architect and industrial designer Stefano Giovannoni was involved in the development of the products.

LG Objet products are designed to suit bedroom environment

LG utilizes special technology and design to make the devices more appropriate for bedrooms.

A compressor in a refrigerator tends to be noisy. LG Objet’s refrigerator utilizes the type of cooling found in wine cellars to make the product quiet.

The refrigerator or the air purifier can be used as a bedside table. Plus, LG has enabled a corner of the top surface to work as a wireless charger for portable devices.