Meizu Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for its Hole-less Smartphone


Meizu has launched the campaign using Indiegogo platform. The crowdfunding campaign will go on till March 1st, 2019

pic credit – Meizu Twitter

Meizu is expecting to ship orders of its recently announced Hole-less Zero Smartphone starting April 2019. The crowdfunding campaign, started by the China based smartphone brand on Indiegogo platform will continue till 1st March 2019.

The brand has asked a smartphone backing cost of $1,299 (approx Rs 93,000). A report published by Techspot claims that the brand will be selling only 101 units of the smartphone. The last or the 101th, unit will be an “Exclusive Pioneering Unit”, that the report claims has already been sold.

Meizu hole-less smartphone features

The smartphone, as per the brand, has no holes for 3.5 mm jack, speaker grills or charging port. The smartphone brand is claiming it to be world’s first hole-less smartphone.

Meizu official Twitter handle had earlier posted, “A truly unibody ceramic experience. Crafted out of gorgeous ceramic, our 3d unibody is the perfect reflection of our passion for design and technology. A wholly (pun-intended) experience that has never felt this good!”

The absence of 3.5 mm jack for headphones in the Meizu hole-less smartphone is not new. Apple and many other smartphone makers have already launched smartphone with support for only wireless connected earphones in the market. In fact, a lot of new brands in India have already started retailing wireless earbuds in the country.

Similarly, the absence of a charging port is not new at all. Though there may not be a smartphone in the market that only supports wireless charging, the ones that support both wireless and wired charging, are a plenty. Speaker grills integrated inside the screen are quickly becoming the new trend in the market as well. Several smartphone manufacturers have already shown the latest tech at several events.

However, Meizu is apparently the first smartphone maker to club all these features, in one smartphone!