Medical Devices For Home-Use


In the fast-pace modern life, it is difficult to find time to visit doctors for regular checkups. However, we must all be aware of our various health parameters like blood pressure, insulin levels, haemoglobin, pulse rate and so on. With the advent of portable medical testing devices, we can take care of ourselves from home, without having to visit medical facilities often. These devices are compact and easy to use. Home-based tests are cost-effective and provide real-time results. These devices have become essential to manage chronic conditions and can help us take active steps to improve our well-being.

Essential features

While purchasing a portable medical device, you must check its accuracy. A certification of accuracy will provide a sense of reliability.

A few basic features that you should check are compact size, lightweight and easy-to-use technology with preferably one-touch results. Higher storage capacity and support for multiple users will also be advantageous. However, additional features may be associated with higher cost.

Bluetooth connectivity is another feature available in most devices today. It allows transferring of data wirelessly to a smart device to track progress. Some devices come with light indication, which can be intuitive to understand whether the readings are normal or not. Some devices deliver even audible results.

There are numerous health conditions that can be diagnosed with portable devices at home. We have picked three of the most common categories of health condition monitoring devices: blood pressure monitors, ECG monitors and blood sugar monitors.

Here is a list of products that we have picked up based on ease-of-use, availability and affordability. These products can be purchased from online vendors, respective product websites and from offline retail stores. You can explore devices from other vendors as well.

Blood pressure monitors

Hypertension, or hypotension, is one of the most common and ignored problems. High blood pressure increases the risk of severe health problems, including heart attack or stroke, if not controlled in due time. Whereas, low blood pressure can reduce the blood supply to the brain, causing dizziness and even fatal results like cardiac arrest. It is worth an investment to have a BP monitor at home.

Omron BP monitor

This product seems to be one of the most popular portable BP devices available in the market, with an accuracy of ±3mmHg. It is easy to use and has necessary features like body movement detection, irregular heartbeat detection, storage to track progress, Bluetooth connectivity and light indicator. In case of no batteries available, Omron BP monitor HEM 8712 can work with an AC adaptor. This product is available online at a starting range of ₹ 1500, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Dr Trust BP monitor

This device is available at an even lower price range and has interesting features like voice assistance and colour change based on readings, making the product interactive. It also includes all aforementioned necessary features and can store up to the latest 120 readings. It comes with four AA batteries and an AC adaptor. This product is available online starting at ₹1200. It comes with a five-year warranty.


ECG monitors

An ECG machine is generally needed by patients of cardiovascular diseases that are caused due to the narrowing of blood vessels. Regular monitoring of the condition can help.

Emay ECG monitor

This product is a simple-to-use, one-touch device, as small as a cellphone. It can take readings from four areas of the body. It has a rechargeable lithium battery with a life of up to 300 readings, and can be recharged with a computer or house current in two hours. A power indicator is present on the unit.

The device comes with 100 rhythm strips to take up to 100 readings. It does not require any connection with a smart device to get data—it immediately provides results on the device monitor. This product is available online for about ₹5000.

SanketLife Pocket 12-Lead ECG device

This device prepares ECG reports, calculates heart rate and HRV (heart rate variability), and provides users with cardiologist opinions within 10 minutes. To get results, the device should be linked to SanketLife mobile app (available for Android and iOS). The device is leadless and can give results with one touch. It is approved by Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) as it provides 98 per cent accuracy. This product is available online at a starting price of ₹6000.


Blood sugar monitors

There were nearly 73 million diabetics in India last year and the number is ever increasing. In the long run, diabetes can impact vision and harm kidneys, heart and the nervous system. Knowing that we cannot ignore diabetes, it is imperative to regularly check blood sugar levels. A portable blood sugar monitor at home can make that possible.

Accu-Check Active blood glucose meter kit

The kit includes blood glucose meter, test strips, soft click lancing device and lancets—all basic components required to perform a diabetes test at home. It can be purchased through any online or offline store. Prices vary based on the number of test strips and disposable lancets in the kit. This product is available online at a starting price of ₹1200.

Truworth G-30 Glucometer Blue Kit

This kit also includes all the basic components to perform the test. It can be purchased online or from offline retail stores. You can send, store and analyse test results to the cloud after you connect the device to a smartphone or a computer using the cable. It is available online at a starting price of ₹700.