Fanzart Launches Summer-Winter Technology Maple Series Fans in India


The brand claims that these fans can deliver warm breeze in winters and cool breeze in summers. Fanzart will be retailing it through its India website, and through Fanzart stores located across India

Fanzart, which calls itself a luxury fan brand, has announced the launch of Maple Series fans in India. The brand claims that Maple series fans delver cool breeze when rotating anti-clockwise and warm air when rotating clockwise. Priced at Rs 39,990, Fanzart will be retailing it through its India website, and through Fanzart stores located across India.

Brand’s official statement read, “Not only can the MAPLE rotate in the anti-clockwise direction for a cool breeze, it also rotates clockwise direction for a Warm cozy air effect for Winter Comfort. With Maple in operation your room feels warmer, which allows you to lower the thermostat temperature and decrease the use of heating devices.”

Speaking about the technology, Anil Lala, director – Fanzart India said, “In summers, our summer-winter fans will cut back on the need of air conditioning, without sacrificing comfort, while in winters, you can stay warm with the unique technology. Ideal for adding comfort to a bedroom or family room, the summer-winter fans can be uses for cooling or heating a space year-round.”

Fanzart summer-winter fan features

Fanzart has equipped these fans with a BLDC motor. This motor, as per the brand, facilitated quite operations. Maple Series fans also feature 3X airflow and five natural wooden blades.

Brand’s official statement read, “In winters we usually don’t have air circulation and hence feel stuffy. It helps circulate cozy warm air. The fan blades can be customised to match any lacquer finish interior. Charming and versatile, the ceiling fan includes an energy-efficient motor that consumes 30W of Power. The super-efficient DC motor uses up to three times less electricity than a typical ceiling fan.”

Lala added, “Either way, these fans are sure to help users save on energy bills all year long. Balancing good looks and aesthetics, its unique wooden design promises to be the centre of attention in every season.”