Riversong is Now Present in 18 Indian States: Manvendra K Chandola

  • Manvendra K Chandola, CEO, Riversong India said that the companies products are now available in 30 countries
  • The company aims to touch milestone of 25,000 outlets by December 2019
Riversong CEO Manvendra K Chandola with Motive Smartwatch
(Electronics For You Exclusive Image)

Riversong, a group company of mobile phone manufacturing IMG Technology Group, commenced their operations in the Indian market in 2017 through online channels and started their offline business in January 2019. Riversong launched their first offline market in the southern region and are currently focusing on expanding their presence PAN India.

Manvendra K Chandola, CEO, Riversong India, said, “We are currently present in 18 states and our target is to create PAN India presence by the end of October 2019. With the increasing awareness and the growing purchasing capacity of the masses, India as a market has an immense potential for growth of the technology sector. We are constantly working towards making India a smarter country by offering latest technology in our products and keeping up with the tech trends globally. Our aim is to reach every nook and corner of the country through the rapid expansion plans we have”.

In an exclusive conversation with EFY Group, Riversong CEO had shared that being present in India was company’s top priority. The company had also entered the smart watch market in India earlier this year.

108 micro distributors

The brand has marked its retail footprints in over 12,500 MBOs and SIS in less than a year. Riversong is now aiming to touch the milestone of 25,000 outlets by the end of December 2019. It is to be noted here that Riversong currently caters to Tier – I and II cities of the Indian market through 108 micro distributors and plans to enter the tier – III segment soon. It has recently started operations in Eastern market as well.

Manvendra had earlier told EFY Group, “We think we are our only competition at the moment. IMG has been making smartphones for leading brands and this is our first venture in the smartwatch market. We, at the moment are not bothered about competing against anyone. The only challenge that we have is to make sure that Riversong products are available across India by the end of 2019.”

He about being present in the offline channel said, “One or two brands becoming famous because of the online channel does not mean that everyone can replicate the story. Moreover, if you look closely at these online first brands, all of them are trying to expand in the offline channel now.”