Sharp India Aiming Rs 70 Crores Revenue This Diwali: Kishlay Ray

  • The company has yesterday launched smart kitchen appliances and commercial air purifier in India
  • Kishlay Ray told EFY Group that Sharp India will focus on omni-channel sales strategy
Kishlay Ray, President Sharp India with Sharp India Team

Sharp India, keeping an eye on the consumer electronics sales during India’s biggest festive season, yesterday announced the launch of new home appliances and a commercial air purifier at a launch event held in New Delhi. Kishlay Ray, president, home appliances, Sharp India, in an exclusive conversation with EFY Group shed light on company’s strategy for the upcoming festive season in the country.

Kishlay Ray said, “We at Sharp are working towards fulfilling our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of making India fit and healthy. In line with the same, we have introduced products in the kitchen appliances category that promote healthy cooking. All these kitchen appliances focus on saving time and promote healthy cooking in India.”

Rs 70 crores revenue from festive sales in 2019

The company this year onward will start focusing on omni-channel strategy in India. Kishlay Ray shared that Sharp India will reach consumers via all channels here. The company is aiming to achieve revenues of Rs 70 crores from festive sales in 2019. As a matter of fact, Sharp India’s presence was more in the offline channel when compared to the offline channel.

Sharp India Slow Juicers

He added, “We are expecting 50 per cent growth in the sales this year. While sharing a definite number will be difficult at the moment, all I can say is we aim to at least retail consumer electronics worth Rs 70 crores in the country.”

It is to be noted here that online channel including the likes of biggest e-commerce players in India had racked in their highest sales ever in the country last Diwali. The likes of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal had sold record number of consumer electronics last year. As a matter of fact, smartphones and consumer electronics were among the top verticals generating revenues for a lot of e-commerce players.

GfK, in one of its reports said that online sales accounted for 20 per cent of flat panel television sales volume in 2018, 30 per cent sales of convection microwave ovens, 10 per cent sales of washing machines and nine per cent sales of air conditioners. E-commerce, or the online channel accounted for around five per cent of total refrigerator sales in India. In terms of smartphones, the number at 35 per cent is the highest.

Commercial air purifier

While there are a lot of air purifier companies and models available in India, in the offline as well as online channel, Sharp India has launched a new product that it is projecting as a commercial air purifier. Kishlay Ray explained that Sharp India’s commercial air purifier can be deployed at various institutions like hospitals, schools and offices.

He added, “The density of ions in Sharp India’s commercial air purifier is much more than the normal air purifiers. What this does is it helps in cleaning the plasma culture rapidly and efficiently. While normal air purifiers features up to 15,000 ions, our commercial air purifier features 25,000 ions.”

Focus on health

Sharp India, this festive season, is going to highlight the importance of health and difference consumer electronics make in our daily lives to potential consumers. The company gave demos of live cooking at the event and discussed around ways Sharp India’s latest kitchen appliances focus on healthy cooking.

Kishlay Ray said, “Our marketing strategy will simply focus around the ehalt aspect. Sharp India wants to convey a simple message that our kitchen appliances not only facilitate healthy cooking but also help save time. This Diwali we want to make homes healthy. People in the metropolitan cities are very busy and we want to make healthy cooking safe and easy for them.”