Vivo Establishes Production Bases in Pakistan and Turkey


Vivo invested $10 million to build the production base in Pakistan, $20 million in Turkey

Vivo has announced expansion of its global manufacturing network with newly established production bases in Pakistan and Turkey. The new bases mark vivo’s seven facilities as the company strengthens its footprint across the globe in line with its “More Local, More Global” strategy.

“Vivo’s globalization moves are driven by the evolving demands and high interests of international consumers towards innovative technology. Following our user orientation value as well as the ‘More Local, More Global’ strategy, vivo continues to explore the global market,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at vivo.

He added, “By expanding our global manufacturing network and long-term investment, vivo desires to embrace diverse markets and empower the local populace with more job opportunities while continuing to create great products and services for users across the world.”

In addition to the newly inaugurated facilities inPakistan (Faisalabad) and Turkey (Kocaeli), vivo’s manufacturing network includes production bases in China(Dongguan,Chongqing), India (Greater Noida), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Indonesia (Tangerang), which can combine to produce nearly 200 million units per year.

The 16,000 square-meter facility in Pakistan features eight assembly lines and offers an annual production capacity of 6 million smartphones, while the 12,000 square-meter facility in Turkey can produce 5 million units each year.

Vivo invested $10 million to build the production base in Pakistan, which will create more than 1,500 local jobs, and $20 million for the production base in Turkey, which will create over 2,000 local jobs.