Google Launches Pixel Earbuds, Nest Mini Speakers

  • The company also launched Pixel 4 smartphones which will not be sold in India
  • Google says the buds come with five hours of listening time on a single charge
Google Pixel Earbuds

Google has launched the next generation of Pixel earbuds and Nest Mini speaker along with other products at an event in New York. The company is selling the earbuds at a price of $179( Rs 12,777 approx) and the Nest Mini speaker at a price of $49( Rs 3’497 approx). The earbuds will be sold only from next year while the speakers will be made available in the US in Google stores as well as other retail outlets from 22nd October.

The earbuds come as a successor to the Pixel buds that were launched in 2017. Google says that the buds come with an arc that fits comfortably in the ear and stay in the place even while the user exercises.

Long-range Bluetooth connectivity

The company claims the earbuds come equipped with long-range Bluetooth connectivity. An official statement from the company read, “They will stay connected three rooms away indoors or a football field-distance away outdoors. Pixel Buds pair easily with Bluetooth 4.0+ laptops, tablets and iOS devices. And with your Pixel phone and other Android 6.0+ devices, they pair with just a single tap.”

Five hours of listening time on a single charge

As per Google, the buds come with a spatial vent underneath that reduces the plugged-ear feeling and makes the user receive the right amount of environmental sound to stay aware. Google says the Pixel earbuds come with five hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 24 hours of listening time with the wireless charging case. It further claims the buds are sweat and water resistant.

Machine learning chip inside

Google says the Nest Mini speakers launched comes equipped with bass boost twice as stronger as Google Home Mini. The company has also embedded a machine learning chip with up to one TeraOPS of processing power in the speaker that will let the user move some Google Assistant experiences from Google’s data centers directly onto the device as per Google.