Orpat Group Forays Into Iot-Enabled Fans Segment


Orpat group enters into the smart fans segment with their IoT enabled power saving range of fans.

IoT enabled fans are hitting the market, equipped with advanced features of receiving, processing, and transmitting information using smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The adoption of smart home appliances like these fans is rising.

Orpat group is foraying into IoT-enabled fans category with their BLDC technology based IoT enabled range of fans that reduces energy consumption, electricity cost per year by approx. 65 percent with a starting price of INR 3175.

The group has set a target of achieving a 30 percent market share in the premium fan category. Fan category contributes around 30% of Orpat Group’s total turnover.

“With rising millennial tech-savvy population, increasing climate issues, government’s push for environmentally friendly products and need to reduce the carbon footprint, Orpat’s new series of IoT enabled smart fans can bring the much-needed energy and cost savings to the consumers” says Nevil Patel, Director, Orpat Group.

The MoneySaver range consumes only 28 watts of power as compared to 75 watts by ordinary fans. Additionally, this fan range works three times more efficiently as compared to ordinary fans on inverters.

The IoT range of fans is launched pan India with a major focus on tier 2/3 cities.