Microsoft Announces Entry into Fold Able Smartphones with Surface Duo

  • Surface Duo will have two screens of 5.6 inch size
  • Through the reveal Microsoft plans to involve its fans and software developers
Microsoft Surface Duo( Pic Credit- Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced the launch of foldable smartphone Smart Duo in the holiday season of next year. The software biggie will launch the smartphone around Christmas next year as per the company. Panos Panay, chief product officer said that the company is working with Google to design the device.

Samsung fold able phones already launched

Samsung has launched the much-anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone in US market on 27 October and in India on 1st October. The company has made the phone available for pre booking at a price of Rs 1,64,999 online on its online store, Samsung shops and offline stores in 35 cities across 315 outlets. Pre-bookings for Galaxy Fold in India start on fourth October and deliveries will begin on 20 October according to Samsung. Huawei also plans to launch its foldable phone Huawei Mate X. It is not clear when Huawei will launch the fold able Mate X as it was delayed due to unknown reasons earlier.

Surface Duo will have two screens of 5.6-inch size

Microsoft showcased the device both onstage and, in a video, giving the world an idea of what the phone would be like. The company claims that the Surface Duo will have two screens that will fold together to create a compact structure. The screens will be of 5.6 inch in size. The screens will work with Android to create a seamless experience according to Microsoft.

The video of the Surface Duo also showcased the software in action with Google play store. According to Microsoft, the android will complement the larger Windows 10X-powered Surface Neo.

On being asked why details about the Surface Duo is being revealed a year earlier, Panay said that the company wants to involve its fans and software developers. The company is likely to share more information in the upcoming months.