Humanoid Robots with AI Capabilities Showcased at MWC 2019


A recent report by Markets and Markets Research had forecast smart robots market to be worth USD 14.29 billion by 2023.

Kebbi Robot (Pic Source- Nuwa Robotics)

Taiwan Excellence has showcased two different robots at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2019. Dubbed as Kebbi and Rodelf, these robots, as per the company, were developed for use in individual homes and offices. Kebbi has been developed by Taiwan-based Nuwa Robotics, whereas Robelf has been developed by Taiwan-based Robotelf technologies.

It is to be noted here that a report by Markets and Markets had forecast that the smart robots market is expected to be worth USD 14.29 billion by 2023. It was valued USD 4.12 million in 2017. The report had also pointed out that the market has the potential of growing 23.7 per cent yoy between 2018 and 2023.

Kebbi Robot

Nuwa Robotics website explains Kebbi as, “These are equipped with a variety of sensory and AI intelligence, can identify faces, objects and direction of the sound source, and understand the conversation content to chat with you. Kebbi robots integrate into your daily life in a variety of intuitive interactions.”

The website shows Kebbi helping kids learn English. It can also identify objects shown to it. It is unclear whether the company will bring this robot to India. However, going by the amount of learning it has gone through (as claimed on the website), the company might launch it in international markets soon.

Robelf Robot

Robelf Robot (Pic Source – Robotelf technologies)

Robelf was primarily developed as a home surveillance and guard robot. It is equipped with vision, audio and position sensors. The company claims that it has the ability to recognise strangers through facial recognition technology. Rodelf can communicate, tell stories, make calls and can crack jokes too.

Company official statement regarding the development of the robot read, “After countless attempts and revisions over the past two years, we have finally passed the long road of research and development, breaking the limits of high cost and high technology thresholds, and entering the final stage of product design and mass production, we will bring Robelf Beckham robot to everyone.”