Dxomark Introduces Audio Score and Benchmark for Smartphones

  • The company had earlier rolled out benchmarks for portrait and night mode photography
  • For its initial ranking, the company has tested seven devices from five different brands

Dxomark has launched a brand-new smartphone audio benchmark. Dubbed Dxomark Audio, the company will now assess the capabilities of a smartphone’s speaker and microphone. The company has been testing image quality of cameras, lenses and smartphones since 2008.

This is the first ever audio benchmark that tests and scores consumer experiences with mobile speakers and microphones. Dxomark’s official statement said that after establishing itself as reference for image quality, they have decided to take up audio testing as its next mission to help consumers make informed choices.

Audio benchmark evaluates the playback quality of speakers

The audio benchmark evaluates the playback quality of speakers as well as the recording quality of microphones embedded in mobiles. Dxomark will be assesing 100 audio combinations to test the speaker quality.

Company’s official statement read, “Following a multi-modal scoring structure, every tested mobile receives an overall audio score and several sub-scores based on scientifically performed objective tests and perceptual evaluations.”

Dedicated audio team and audio lab for all tests

The company has also established an audio team of sound engineers to establish a robust audio testing protocol. Various standards from industry associations are studied to identify the representative use cases and relevant audio quality attributes for smartphone use. Their experts perform all audio tests and analyses using advanced testing tools in their state-of-the-art audio lab.

The company had earlier rolled out benchmarks for portrait and night mode photography. As a matter of fact, this was the first major overhaul of the testing protocol since 2017, when Dxomark added zoom and bokeh evaluation to its mobile testing. Smartphones tested for the new audio benchmark include Huawei Mate 20 X, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.