Pan India Presence by the End of 2019 is Our Top Priority: Riversong CEO


The company has launched its first heart rate sensor smartwatch in India. Riversong is a subsidiary of China-based IMG Technology

Riversong CEO Manvendra K Chandola with Motive Smartwatch
(Electronics For You Exclusive Image)

Known as a company that makes smartphones for different brands, IMG Technology has entered the Indian smartwatch market with a heart rate sensor smartwatch. Dubbed Riversong Motive, the smartwatch is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

Manvendra K Chandola, CEO, Riversong India told Electronics For You that the company has already started planning to launch its next smartwatch in the country. He said, “Riversong will introduce a circular shaped smartwatch by the end of July 2019. We want to make smartwatches accessible to everyone, especially youth.”

IMG’s own brand dreams now compete with the likes of Gonoise and Huami in India. Priced Rs 5,999, Riversong Motive Smartwatch is now directly competing against several smartwatch models being retailed by the above mentioned brands. However, Riversong’s CEO feels that the only competition the brand has in India, is from itself.

Manvendra shared, “We think we are our only competition at the moment. IMG has been making smartphones for leading brands and this is our first venture in the smartwatch market. We, at the moment are not bothered about competing against anyone. The only challenge that we have is to make sure that Riversong products are available across India by the end of 2019.”

Offline expansion, online way

Riversong Motive, as per the company, is a proof of IMG’s technological advancement in the field of smart consumer electronics. However, taking the message to the right audience remains a key challenge. Vineet Chauhan, CMO, Riversong said that the brand is utilizing the power of social media to educate Indian consumers about the company.

He said, “We are running multiple campaigns across social media to educate customers about Riversong and its latest smartwatch offering. The response has been great so far.”

Vineet also highlighted the fact that Riversong is planning a PAN India campaign highlighting the importance of friendship. Though he did not share the exact details of the campaign, he did say that the campaign will create a win-win situation for the company as well as the users.

Manvendra, on being asked about the priority sales channel, shared that Riversong is looking to start with good offline presence. He said that the brand is leveraging social media to increase its presence in the offline channel.

Why focus on offline channel?

Some of India’s biggest brands, especially in the smartphones, smartwatches and smart wearable verticals have a better presence on the online channel than offline channel. Riversong’s decision to focus on offline channel is best explained in the words of its CEO.

Manvendra said, “One or two brands becoming famous because of the online channel does not mean that everyone can replicate the story. Moreover, if you look closely at these online first brands, all of them are trying to expand in the offline channel now.”

Why? Manvendra feels that it is presence in offline channel that defines credibility of a brand. He said, “Offline is our focus as we can reach where online brands cannot. What’s the advantage of a brand if the consumer cannot experience the product first hand before buying it.”

He added that Riversong has given all its distributors and retailers authority to open smartwatch boxes in order to make sure that the user knows what he is buying. Riversong, as per him, is also investing in product trainers, who will in turn train retailers to educate every consumer about the company’s products.”

Target this fiscal

Riversong started its operations in the country in 2018. Manvendra said that the company is not eyeing numbers in terms for targets for the ongoing and next fiscal. Instead the company wants to focus on being present across every city by the end of 2019.

Manvendra said, “We are present and doing good in the Southern India. Our next target is North India followed by other regions. We do not want to focus on numbers at the moment as we are not even present in India. Riversong hopefully, will start talking about numbers from the next fiscal.”

It is to be noted here that unlike many other brands which are getting the parts imported from China before assembling them here in India, Riversong is importing completely built units and is still able to keep the prices low.

Manvendra explains, “We have our own manufacturing and that is why we are able to offer a heart rate sensor watch in prices as low as Rs 3,999. Many other brands get these products designed from external design agencies and then get them manufactured at different vendors. Riversong, as a subsidiary of IMG Technology, is able to save a lot on those costs.”

Way forward

Riversong is now planning to introduce more smart products in the country. Its next launch, will also be a smartwatch. Manvendra said, “Our next product will be a circular smartwatch. We want to cater to the youth of India who desire a mix of style and functionality in their gadgets.”

On being questioned about the importance of IoT in such products, Manvendra said that IoT in smartphones, smartwatches and accessories is the core strength of IMG. The company, as per him is working on ways to make all its future products smarter. Manvendra is sure that almost every product launched by Riversong after a year or two will come embedded with smart features.

Riversong Motive smartwatch features

Riversong motive Smartwatch

The watch comes equipped with a 1.33-inch (3.37 cm) colored TFT screen and features a 2.5D tempered glass lens. The smart watch, as per Riversong, can monitor 24-hour real-time changes in the heart rate in order to assist a user during exercise.

Riversong’s official statement read, “It notifies the user about incoming calls, messages, emails etc., thus making their lives easier and faster while on the go. Motive has an in-built multiple sports mode like walking, bicycling, roping, skipping, basketball to name a few. The smart watch is IP67 water resistant and sweat-proof and can stay up to 10 min in 1 meter depth of water. The customization friendly bands feature comes in handy and the watch can be paired up with any attire.”

This latest smartwatch comes equipped with a 180 mAh battery. Riversong said that the battery on one complete charge can last for seven to 10 days time.