Smart Bathroom Products May Just be the Latest Entries into Consumer Electronics Vertical!


Many global brands with strong presence in India are driving the market for smart bathroom products. Among them are Grohe, Kohler and Duravit

Hindware intelligent closet

After phones, watches, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners and fans, Indians are all set to smarten their bathrooms. This trend is a reflection of what is happening across the world. According to the latest survey by MRFR (Market Research Future), the global market for smart bathrooms is growing at the rate of 11 per cent, and it is expected to become a USD 11 Billion market by 2023.

Though a growth of 11 per cent sounds modest, one must keep in mind the number of urban households that actually have a bathroom. That number is huge and even if 11 per cent of them smarten their bathrooms every year, the results will be humongous.

Why smart bathrooms make sense

There are three things that are contributing to the growth of smart bathrooms. Firstly, sensor technology has evolved rapidly over the last couple of years, making it easier for developers and manufacturers to embed them in appliances such as taps and showers.

Secondly, connectivity, predominantly Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and upcoming 5G are boosting the options for linking bathroom appliances to smart phones and other hub devices. Thirdly, the general awareness around water conservation and power management are driving existing and upcoming brands to create intelligent products that help achieve the sustainability goal.

Brands that are riding the wave into India

Many global brands with string presence in India are driving the market for smart bathroom products. Among them are Grohe, Kohler and Duravit.

Recently, Kohler unveiled the Numi 2.0, an intelligent toilet with Alexa support and ambient lighting. Grohe has a range of taps and faucets that use sensor technologies to regulate the flow of water, and also offer ambient lighting capabilities. While one can expect these brands to introduce newer products in the weeks to come, one brand has created an end-to-end solution to completely transform your bathroom experience.

End-to-end indulgence

Queo, the luxury brand from Europe, has unveiled its SmarTap in India. It is a complete bathing system and a console that regulates the shower, bath and sink to create a synchronized bathroom experience tailored to music and mood lighting of your choice, Such is the attention to detail that it co-ordinates your bathroom music to the rhythm of your hair-flips!

The SmarTap shower system can be controlled by a mobile app, which supports Amazon Echo and other standalone digital controllers. Based on your shower habits, the app lets you regulate the flow of water, and toggle between presets such as a tropical downpour, a roaring jet or a light misty wetness.

Guiding Light

Manufacturers are thinking of every possible scenario inside your bathroom. Even instances where you might accidentally forget where the closet is placed! The latest offering from Hindware called the Wall Mount Automate with Syphonic Flush, comes equipped with an LED light in the rim that guides you to it even in total darkness, pretty much like an aircraft emergency landing system!

Additionally, the product also features a touch control remote which can be used to control seat temperature, activate a 3D massage and oscillating cleanse, front and rear nozzles for back and forth movement of water column for a massaging effect.

Technology has pervaded into your bathroom. Wait to be showered with options and offerings to enhance your hygiene routines, be it over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth!

This story has been submitted by Vishnu Anand. He is working as a technology and business journalist under the guidance of veteran journalist Anand Parthasarathy (Ex-The Hindu).