Sony May Launch a New Flagship Smartphone at MWC 2019


The flagship smartphone will focus in the camera vertical. It is a known fact that many smartphone brands source camera sensors from Sony

pic credits – Flickr

Once famous for its camera smartphones in the market, Sony is all set to restructure its mobile division. A report published by Digital Trends claims that the technology major has appointed Kimio Maki as the new head of development.

Maki held a senior designation with Sony’s camera division earlier to his recent appointment. It is to be noted here that many smartphone makers source camera sensors from Sony.

“We’ve been undergoing a lot of changes. Every component of our business has been touched,” Don Mesa, Vice President of Marketing, Sony Mobile, told Digital Trends this past Thursday.

New Sony smartphone model announcements at Mobile World Congress 2019

Mesa also reportedly told Digital Trends that Sony will be showcasing its new product line-up at the Mobile World Congress 2019. The products showcase will also define the direction Sony will pursue in future, as per Mesa.

This edition of the Mobile World Congress is scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 25 to 28, 2019. Sony Xperia XZ2 is currently the most expensive smartphone from the brand in India. It was also the last smartphone that Sony had launched in the country.

5G a challenge

Going by the insights that Mesa shared with Digital Trends at CES 2019, it is almost certain that the brand may take its time before launching a 5G smartphone in the market. It is also not confirmed whether the brand will launch the Sony Xperia XZ4 or not.

Mesa said that the company does not want to rush things, and wants 5G experience to be spot on for its consumers. It, however, looks certain that Sony will soon be launching a flagship device focusing on the smartphone camera vertical.