Vodafone Partners with Amazon Prime and Netflix to Offer Free Subscriptions to RED Users


While every RED package comes with one year free subscription of Amazon Prime Video, subscriptions to Netflix is limited to higher-priced plans only

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Following the new trend of telecom giants joining hands with video streaming providers, Vodafone has also entered the scene by announcing one year free subscriptions of Netflix and Amazon Prime for its RED postpaid users.

Giving Indians ‘the best’ of video content

The telecom industry has been experiencing a tremendous competition with each company coming up with several new plans for their users. One of the most prominent ways of conquering this competition has been teaming up with video streaming industries. While Jio introduced its own Jio TV, Airtel and Vodafone both joined hands with Amazon Prime and Vodafone partnered with Netflix as well.

Speaking about the collaboration between Amazon and Vodafone, Avneesh Khosla, Associate Director Consumer Business, Vodafone India said that today’s “digitally savvy customer wants more freedom and flexibility in the way they consume content.”

He added: “This collaboration further strengthens our content proposition and our commitment to offer the best to our customers. It provides them access to thousands of movies, videos, TV shows and music on the go.”

Khosla told that he is confident that the partnership between Amazon and Vodafone will offer “a seamless on-the-go shopping and entertainment experience” to their users.

Akshay Sahi, Director and Head of Amazon Prime India stated that he is thrilled with the partnership with Vodafone and making Amazon Prime available to more customers in India.

He added, “Vodafone Postpaid customers can now experience Amazon Prime as a part of their plan, which provides customers an unparalleled combination of shopping and entertainment benefits.”

He believes that subscribers will enjoy the several benefits of accessing ad-free music, original TV shows and movies and seamless shopping experience that the collaboration has introduced.

Talking about the collaboration with Netflix, Sandeep Kataria, Director – Commercial, Vodafone India, said: “We have done an extensive Data usage analysis of our customers and found that our Postpaid RED customers spend a significant amount of time on video streaming. Also, subscription to Video on Demand services is also on the rise amongst our customers. The increased uptake of video content has led us to enter into strategic partnership with marquee digital media players like Netflix.”

Reed Hastings, Chief Executive of Netflix who had visited India in March 2018, at the time of his visit, stated that India is one among the three largest mobile phone markets in the world for Netflix.

These subscriptions (both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) will be accessible exclusively through Vodafone Play app. Therefore, Vodafone RED users need to first download and install the app in order to receive the free subscriptions.

The RED plans and their subscriptions

While subscription to Amazon Prime Video is applicable to all Vodafone RED packages, the same cannot be said for Netflix subscriptions. Customers who will higher-priced RED plans can only receive one year free subscriptions of Netflix.

Customers with Rs 399 and Rs 499 plans of Vodafone RED will get 40 GB and 75 GB data along with rollover facilities, respectively. Both the plans will offer unlimited local and STD calls and one free subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Vodafone Play.

The higher-priced Vodafone RED package starts from Rs 1299 wherein users get 100 GB data along with rollover facility of till 500 GB, unlimited local, STD and roaming. Similar to the basic plans, this package also provides one year free subscription to Vodafone Play and Amazon Prime. Additionally, users can get two months free subscription to Netflix as well.

Other higher-priced RED plans are of Rs 1999 and Rs 2999 per month. While in the first plan, customers can get 200 GB data along with a rollover facility till 500 GB, the second plan offers 300 GB data with the same rollover limit. Both the plans will come with free local and STD calls, unlimited roaming and 200 ISD calls.

Customers can get one year free subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Vodafone Play and three months free subscription to Netflix through the Rs 1299 package. On the other hand, the Rs 2999 plan will offer several free services worth Rs 10,498. These services include free subscription to Vodafone Play worth Rs 499, Amazon Prime Video worth Rs 999 and Netflix worth Rs 6000 – all, for a year. Other services like device protection worth Rs 3000 for free and coupons worth Rs 2999 per month are also added in Rs 2999 package.